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What's new

  • Storage: Fix backwards transfer when a pokemon has an invalid move, item, form, species, ball or ability.
  • Storage: Allow moving between storage boxes with ZL and ZR.
  • Storage: Implemented storage sorting and filtering.
  • Storage: Implemented box jumping.
  • Storage: Fix storage size to match the old storage size while converting a pre-6.x storage file to 6.x+.
  • Editor: Default met location values added for generated pokemon.
  • Editor: Set pokemon language from the configurations while generating a new one.
  • Editor: Added default, non-zero PP value and fix relearn moves during generation.
  • Editor: Fixed bug with OT names during generation in old gen games.
  • Editor: Fix Gen4 Nature and shinyness editing.
  • Editor: Add check for impossible genderless.
  • Editor: Fix Vivillon chain form editing.
  • Editor: Add back the Use Save Info button (the yellow one).
  • Editor: Fixed a couple race conditions happening in the QR Code reader.
  • Events: Wondercard database updated and unreleased wondercards added as well.
  • Hex Editor: Button behaviour fixed when changing values.
  • Hex Editor: Added display of certain editable values (fixes regression from v5.1.4).
  • Hex Editor: Add Marking editing.
  • Bag Editor: Fixed item count limits during editing.
  • Bag Editor: Fixed search results.
  • Scripts: Added new C scripts API:
    • A function to move between boxes to choose a box/slot. It works with both the save boxes and the storage boxes.
    • A few functions to get pokemon data from save boxes and party.
    • A few networking function to receive/send arbitrary amount of data through TCP and UDP sockets.
  • General: Added Citra compatibility (you need to compile PKSM with CITRA_DEBUG=1 to be able to use it on Citra).
  • Scripts: Increase C Scripts stack size and fix script loading/parsing for long scripts.
  • Scripts: Fix location of names and images for the pokemon choice script API.
  • Scripts: C Scripts now give feedbacks and return to the Scripts screen if they crash, rather than shutting down the console.
  • Scripts: Updated bundled scripts, servepkx_server script added.
    • Note: the servepkx client hasn't been updated yet, check back in the future.
  • Configuration: Region and Country default values have been added to the configuration menu to be used during generation.
  • Configuration: References to bad sectors have been removed.
  • General: Translations have been updated to include Portuguese.
  • General: Added Gen7 TID displaying.
  • General: Fixed error message display when PKSM fails to launch.
  • General: Crypto operations optimized.
  • General: Optimized text rendering functions.



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