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@piepie62 piepie62 released this Sep 8, 2019 · 38 commits to master since this release

  • GPSS, a cloud-based Pokémon sharing service! Easily upload your Pokémon to share with any other PKSM user.
    • Think the GTS, except you don't have to get/give anything in return and you can't be sniped.
    • Note: Once a month all Pokémon currently on the GPSS are checked for their monthly download count and are deleted if it's 0.
    • You can browse the GPSS from within PKSM or your web browser.
    • You can also upload Pokémon from your PC.
    • This is the only planned servepkx replacement.
  • Cloud-based legalization! (replacement for serveLegality)
  • Add new Misc section to the editor which adds met location editing.
  • Add instructions: In many places PKSM now has simple built-in instructions that can be viewed by pressing Select.
  • Add multiple font support
    • Shows Pokémon-specific characters
    • Shows Korean characters on non-Korean consoles
  • Auto updater! Thanks to @joel16 for the CIA updating code
    • You can disable the updater in the settings menu
  • Update scripts: thanks to @PKMWM1 for contributing another large batch of scripts.
    • There are also new additions to the PicoC scripting API, for those interested in developing scripts. See the wiki for more info.
    • A collaboration between @piepie62 and @FM1337 has also resulted in a script sending utility and a script receiving script! These can be used for easy script development during the debugging stage
  • Emergency Mode editor: if you have a Pokémon stuck in storage and it is untransferable to any game, talk to @piepie62 on the FlagBrew Discord for a walkthrough on how to use it (it is pretty dangerous, which is why the way to access it is unreleased).
  • Multi bank: You can now organize your collection into multiple banks, similar to Pokémon Bank's box groups.
    • Yes, it is possible to pick Pokémon up from one bank and place them into another without temporarily storing them in the save
  • Multi clone: You can now clone multiple Pokémon at once, without going through a tedious workaround.
  • Filtering in Storage
    • You can filter by species, form, and moves in the storage screen! More filter options to follow in later releases...
  • Show save info on main menu: The top screen of the main menu now shows some basic info pulled from the save:
    • OT
    • TID/SID
    • badges/stamps
    • Wondercards
    • National Dex seen and owned counts
  • Remove default music: Music player is still there, but you'll have to provide your own music.
  • Second bank backup
  • Add setting to show all automatically generated backups
  • Redesign main menu
  • Show typing in the editor
  • Fix bug if 3ds folder doesn't exist
  • Disallow home button in scripts as it can cause issues
  • Add a screen to configure Extra Saves

Note: If loading slowly, try deleting some old backups! This helped a team member go from an about 10 second load time to 2.



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