Gateshark cheat code manager for Luma3DS v9.1+
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Removed: Terraria (EUR)

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Note: I was able to do this update due to the fact that I temporarely had access to a computer for a few hours, sadly I still don't have a computer myself since it's still in the repair shop and I just don't have the money for a new one :/ so updates for issue closers are still going to be on hold for futher issues until I can either get access to a computer again for a few hours or whenever my computer situation is solved..
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Gateshark cheat code manager for Luma3DS 9.1+.


  • 1: Run Sharkive.
  • 2: You can download cheats for your games. (It's possible that some cheats don't work or crash while you try to use them).
  • 3: Run your desired game.
  • 4: Open Luma3DS's Rosalina menu.
  • 5: Go to the Cheats section located on the top. Apply your cheats and return back to the game. You'll now be able to use your cheat.


Sharkive relies on a manually populated database to download and apply new cheats. Most of them are not yet confirmed to work.

We need your help: report all the cheats that aren't working as an issue in this repository. We will update them or remove them to avoid further issues with other users. Additionally, if you have cheats that aren't available in Sharkive yet, please create a Pull Request.


Sharkive still relies on pp2d to render its graphics. I don't have enough time to take care of a Sharkive's citro2d port, so pull requests are highly appreciated.

Also, as you may notice, Sharkive is almost totally based on the legacy Checkpoint codebase (this software was originally written at very the beginning of 2018). That said, most of Checkpoint's optimizations are not yet included in Sharkive, so there will be updates in the future to make it run better. No promises though, as this project isn't very high priority for me.


This project is licensed under the GNU GPLv3. See for details.


JourneyOver for providing and mantaining all the cheat codes in Sharkive's database.

All the cheats submitters and reporters.

All Luma3DS contributors.