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Magento2 Flysystem Module from Flagbit integrate Flysystem an Abstraction for local and remote filesystems into Magento2 without overriding or breaking core media storage functions.


  • Integrate Flysystem to configure different file storages like sftp, local and cloud (S3).
    • Provide modularity to easily integrate more adapters in the projects which use it.
  • Integrate image modal for Magento2 product and category image uploads.
    • You can select from the same file-pool instead of uploading from local.
    • So you can select an image like in the image selector for cms pages and blocks.
  • Integrate file-pool from flysystem adapter for cms blocks and cms pages.
  • ACL Configuration for insert, upload, delete files and for create, delete folders and more.
  • Separate media page for fast access to flysystem media files. No need for WYSIWYG-Editor Button.

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Backend Configuration

Magento2 Flysystem Backend Configuration

Select Product Image

Magento2 Flysystem Select Product Image

Select Category Image

Magento2 Flysystem Select Category Image

Modal File View

Magento2 Flysystem Modal File View

ACL Configuration

Magento2 Flysystem ACL Configuration

Browse Media Content

Magento2 Flysystem Browse Media Content

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