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Ding is a heavily modified version of Chat anarchy. It is a multi-user, multi-room chat using Usernames are automaticaly and randomly generated by the server, and to create or join a new room, simply change your URL.

Ding is currently running at

Changing Rooms

To join a room, simply navigate to a new path, like or even Share the URL with friends and foes, and have fun!


Users are assigned a username and announced when they enter or leave a room. The number of users in a room is shown in the tab/window title.


Type who, who is here? or who's here? to have the server announce the list of users in the current chat room.


You will need Git, and NodeJS

These can be found in most Linux package managers, in HomeBrew for MacOS, and MSys2 for Windows. With a bit of luck, you can probably install them for the Linux Subsystem under Windows 10 as well.

You will have your own Ding in a few easy steps:

git clone

npm install

npm install pug-cli -g

pug templates --out public

npm start

The server will be running on port 1844.

After editing the template (.jade files in /templates), you will have to run the pug command again, to recompile (see above). You can do this while the server is running.

What's changed?

In short, a lot. See for yourself!

  • New looks... kinda
  • Lots of internal changes, files are served from a public directory now, separate events for joins/leaves, etc.
  • Audio support for events
  • Desktop notifications
  • The ability to change your nick (type /nick newnick). Type /nick on its own to have a random name again.
  • No identical nicknames are allowed, unless they are generated by default. If a user tries to use an existing nick, they will be renamed.
  • ARIA support for screen reader users. Works well with NVDA
  • Emotes. Type /me is hungry
  • Basic flood control, with temporary ip bans.
  • The user is properly notified when the client is disconnected.
  • The media bot now automagically includes an html5 player for supported filetypes. This is quite generic, it is up to your browser to play them, if they can.
  • A magical 8-ball, type /8 question to use it.
  • Virtual coins to toss, in case you are in front of a big decision. Type /coin to toss.
  • You can use the English WordNet dictionary to look up words. Type /dic word to do so.
  • You can roll dice with /dice NumberOfDice(d)NumberOfSides[+/-Modifier[a/d]], where the bracketed part is optional. The modifier adds or subtracts from the total value, while a or d sorts the rolled dice in ascending or in descending order respectively. /dice is an alias for /dice 1d6. For example: /dice 2d6+100d will roll 2 six-sided die and sort the result in descending order, then add 100 to the total sum.

Special Thanks




If you find this useful, do not hesitate to drop me a line or a tweet. I always enjoy hearing from fellow developers.


Or at robjoy88 (at) gmail (dot) com

Replace (at) and (dot) with the appropriate symbols.


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