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-Flameeyes's Ruleset for ModSecurity
+[Flameeyes's Ruleset for ModSecurity](
[![Flattr this!](](
@@ -23,9 +23,6 @@ modify content). This antispam is based on what I developed for [my own
blog]( and employs a number of techniques,
including DNSBL and User-Agent validation.
- * [Webpage](
- * [GitHub Project](
- * [Flattr](
@@ -58,8 +55,22 @@ recommended that your server has access to some namecache, either in
form of caching resolver or a nscd (Name Service Cache Daemon)
instance, to avoid repeating the same requests for long times.
+Development and contribution
+The rules are developed via a [GitHub
+repository]( which also
+hosts the issue tracker. If you want to make fixes or improvements to
+the rules, you're invited to fork the project and send a pull request
+Starting from ModSecurity 2.7 rule IDs are mandatory. To avoid
+colliding with other rulesets, this ruleset is assigned, as of
+2012-03-07, the range 430,000-439,999.
Asked Questions
* My website/browser is not a spammer, where do I complain?
The ruleset is, for the most part, hand-compiled, so mistakes may

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