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Flameeyes's custom Nagios/Icinga plugins
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Flameeyes's custom Nagios/Icinga plugins

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This repository has been created because I feel the need for more structure to push my personal Nagios plugins than just publishing them to a website, and because I feel that there is no reason why I should keep said plugins all by myself.

Please feel free to fork and send pull request for any enhacement or fix you come up with.


Each plugin will provide its own license header to make it clear under which license it's released under. Most of them you'll see having a MIT license, which basically is an all-permissive license. If different licenses are used, it's usually because the plugin is derived from another one that was published under a different license.


All Perl-based plugins will require Nagios::Plugin at the very least, as that implements the basic Nagios API in a flexible way.

    • smartmontools (smartctl), is needed to access SMART data;
    • sudo, optional for running from non-root user.
    • openrc itself.
    • Date::Parse;
    • Time::Duration.
    • Filesys::SmbClient.
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