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Flameeyes's scan2pdf

This is a simple script that works as a frontend to scanimage(1) from the SANE project, to scan a number of pages from a compatible device into one or more PDF documents.


  • sane-backends (>= 1.0.22 recommended, for scanimage -A)
  • posix-spawn (tested with 0.3.6)
  • libtiff utilities
  • netpbm (a note for Gentoo users: you need both tiff and jpeg USE flags enabled for the pnm2tiff utility.)
  • ImageMagick or GraphicsMagick
  • unpaper
  • inifile (>= 2, optional, for configuration file support.)

The configuration file

Some device always require the same parameters to be passed, because they are either center-based scanning, or ADF-only. Some other time you might want for them to use a different resolution by default, or not to use unpaper.

In these cases you can configure scan2pdf to provide those options. The configuration file is a key-value pair file (.ini file) and it resides in ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}/eu.flameeyes.scan2pdf (which by default on Linux system is ~/.config/eu.flameeyes.scan2pdf).

The configuration file uses a [defaults] section, which only has one key (device), and then one section for device. Note that device name is not matched against the names reported by scanimage, but rather against the value of the --device option passed to scan2pdf. It is suggested to provide a default device when using the configuration file.

The key names within the device sections are the same as the parameters passed to scan2pdf without the two leading dashes.


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