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(ns fleet-lang-test
(defmacro fileet
"Convinient way to define test templates"
[args filename]
`(fleet ~args (slurp (str "test/resources/" ~filename ".fleet")) {:escaping :xml}))
(defmacro readhtml
"Convinient way to read test data"
`(slurp (str "test/resources/" ~filename ".html")))
(def test-posts
[{:body "First Post" :tags ["tag1" "tag2" "tag3"]},
{:body "Second Post" :tags ["tag1" "tag2"]}])
(def test-post
(first test-posts))
(deftest fleet-test
(is (=
((fileet [post title] "first/test_tpl") test-post "Post Template")
(readhtml "first/test_tpl"))))
(deftest def-name-fleet-test
(def single-post (fleet [post] "<p><(post :body)></p>" {:escaping str}))
(is (=
(single-post test-post)
"<p>First Post</p>")))
(deftest sub-template-test
(def post-tpl (fileet [post] "second/post_tpl"))
(def posts-tpl (fileet [posts] "second/posts_tpl"))
(is (=
(posts-tpl test-posts)
(readhtml "second/posts_tpl"))))
(def esc-test-posts
[{:body "Body with \" Quote" :tags ["<evil>tag1</evil>" "tag \"2\"" "tag3"]},
{:body "qwe<br>asd<br>zxc" :tags ["tag1" "tag2"]}])
(deftest escaping-test
(def post-tpl (fileet [post] "second/post_tpl"))
(def posts-tpl (fileet [posts] "second/posts_tpl"))
(is (=
(posts-tpl esc-test-posts)
(readhtml "second/esc_posts_tpl"))))
(deftest comments-test
(def tpl (fleet [] "<p><(; post :body \n)><(str \"asd\")></p>" {:escaping :xml}))
(is (= (tpl) "<p>asd</p>")))
(deftest anonymous-tpls-test
(def anon-posts-tpl (fileet [posts] "third/anon_posts_tpl"))
(is (=
(anon-posts-tpl test-posts)
(readhtml "third/anon_posts_tpl"))))
(deftest embed-only-test
(def post-body (fleet [post] "<(post :body)>"))
(is (=
(post-body test-post)
"First Post")))
(deftest escaped-fleet-symbols-test
(is (=
((fleet [] "qwe\\<(asd\\<\"zxc"))
(is (=
((fleet [] "qwe\">asd)>zxc"))
(is (=
((fleet [] "<(str \"qwe\\\\\">asd\\)>zxc\")>"))
(is (=
(str ((fleet [] "<qwe asd=\"<(str \"zxc\")>\"><(str \"qwe\")>")))
"<qwe asd=\"zxc\">qwe")))