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Cascaded Mutual Modulation for Visual Reasoning

Source code for Yiqun Yao; Jiaming Xu and Bo Xu. Cascaded Mutual Modulation for Visual Reasoning. 2018. EMNLP. arxiv

Code Outline

This code is a fork from the code for "FiLM: Visual Reasoning with a General Conditioning Layer" available here.

We implement a new model: CMM on the basis of PG+EE and FiLM. Different from the original code, our model runs on multiple gpus.

Setup and Training

Setup instructions for the CMM model are nearly the same as for PG+EE and FiLM.

First, follow the virtual environment setup instructions.

Second, follow the CLEVR data preprocessing instructions.

The below script has the hyper-parameters and settings to reproduce CMM CLEVR results:

sh scripts/train/

Running models

The following scripts run trained models on CLEVR:

python scripts/