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🐙 quirk

Quirk is a crossplatform, GPL-licensed, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) app built in React Native / Expo.

Unlike many CBT apps, it's fairly unbiased in what you use it for; it doesn't ask about your mood or ask you to depression-specific CBT exercises. That makes it fairly quick and discreet to use, especially in a public setting.



Quirk's goal is to be both inviting and focused. It should be really easy to enter in a thought; people frequently enter these in public settings and need to do it fairly quickly. It also should not cause any increased frustration.

Color Palette

To bootstrap this, we're just using a pre-canned, but fairly muted, color palette.


Other Stupid Design Logic

I'm not really a designer, but I do like to engage in stupid design logic for why things are a certain way. Quirk has a particular style, but it's one I ripped off from a bunch of other apps.

Some things are muted because they're dumb and not the important bits. But the important bits are big, gigantic works of in-your-face crunchy juicy goodness. Titles should be bold, the boldyest bold you got. Only got one thing to say? Make that thing a full screen giant, towering over mortals.

Illustrations should be excessively cute and burst with as much personality as your artistic talent can muster. None of that sleek silicon valley business-casual airplane art. Nah. Give me bubbles and smiles. Draw little dudes and make them eat each other. We're making a healthy-cool app here, not some collared-shirt-wearing fintech money-market manstravaganza.

When I first started making things, I made those websites that just threw every color you could on the page and it looked awful. Eventually I noticed it looked awful and then became super cautious about doing anything remotely interesting. I think I'm back in a happy medium. The UI design tweeks I stole from a lot of other apps, this general thinking comes from the game design concept of "Juice."


Quirk is licensed under the GPL, which guarantees end users the freedom to study, share, and modify the software.


Quirk is made by Evan Conrad, a software engineer in the bay area.

If you need help with the app, would like to request a feature, or just want to talk, feel free to send me a line at

If you're interested in the development of Quirk, you're in luck! Quirk is an open source project under the GPL license. It lives on Github here.

I also announce info about it on my blog on Dev, and probably on Twitter too.