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Flat Embed Examples and Demos

This repository contains some examples of Flat's Embed using our JavaScript SDK.

Viewer demos:

Editor demos:

πŸ• Groove Pizza Sheet Music Generator

Experiment built on the top of the Groove Pizza App by the NYU MusEDLab. Creates a MusicXML (JSON) file from the rhythms, displays it using Flat's Embed, and allow to print or import the score in Flat.

πŸ“Ί YouTube synced player with a MusicXML loaded locally

WIP: Example example loading a local MusicXML file and linking/sync a YouTube video on client-side.

🎧 External player with a MusicXML loaded locally

WIP: Embed example loading a local MusicXML and using an external audio player. This example can be adapted to be used with any audio or video player.

πŸ–ŠοΈ Embed editor basics

Introduction demo of our Embeddable editor with a short JavaScript code (25 lines).

View Demo and source

πŸ“„ Google Docs add-ons

Experiment built on the top of Google Docs and Slides using Flat's Embed Editor. Write a music notation and insert it as a PNG in the document.

View Example


The sources of the examples stored in this repository are licensed under Apache 2.0.