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All of the FlatTurtle turtles in your database can be added, changed and removed using ControlBay.

Unauthenticated requests

  • /auth/{}


  • /turtles

    GET List the available turtles with their individual configuration options

  • /option/?name={option_name}

    GET Get information about a specific option

Authenticated requests

  • /{infoscreen_alias}/panes

    GET Get all registered panes for a specific infoscreen

    PUT Add a pane to the given infoscreen

  • /{infoscreen_alias}/panes/order/{pane_id}

POST Update the order for the specified pane on the specified screen


  • order: integer specifying the new order

  • /{infoscreen_alias}/panes/{pane_id}

  • /{infoscreen_alias}/turtles

  • /{infoscreen_alias}/turtles/order/{turtle_id}

  • /{infoscreen_alias}/turtles/{turtle_id}

  • /{infoscreen_alias}/jobs

  • /{infoscreen_alias}/plugins/

  • /{infoscreen_alias}/plugins/{}/{}/

  • /{infoscreen_alias}/plugins/{}/

  • /{infoscreen_alias}.json

    Returns the DISCS json for that infoscreen

  • /{infoscreen_alias}