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FlatTurtle sites


This repository is a copy of the Laravel framework with minor modifications. The Laravel framework requires PHP >= 5.3.7 and the MCrypt PHP extension.

Clone this repository and install the Laravel framework and other dependencies:

composer install

Make sure the folders in app/storage are writable.

The composer install command will automatically trigger the php artisan flatturtle:update which will execute php artisan flatturtle:install for new clones. This command publishes the SiteCore configuration files and assets to your local installation.

Updating Sitecore

To update the SiteCore to the latest version run:

composer update flatturtle/sitecore

This will pull the latest changes from the git repository. It will automatically trigger the php artisan flatturtle:update command that publishes assets to your local installation.

Also, double check if the configuration file was modified and change your local version accordingly. You can overwrite your local configuration file with the latest version by using the php artisan flatturtle:install command.

Deploy best practices

The composer.lock file contains the exact version numbers of the dependancies used during the last composer update. You should NEVER execute composer update on a production environment. The correct workflow is to execute composer update on your workstation, check for any errors and then commit the composer.lock file to your git repository. Once the production environment is updated with the latest lock-file, you can execute composer install, which will install the dependancies based on the lock-file.


After installing the SiteCore there will be a configuration and password file located in app/config/packages/flatturtle/sitecore. Make sure you set a valid password for the following services in passwords.php:

'reservations' => '...'

WARNING! The password file is ignored by git, so deploy it manually.


The SiteCore contains a default template file. If you wish to modify this template execute the following:

php artisan view:publish flatturtle/sitecore

This will copy the template file to app/views/flatturtle/sitecore so that you can modify it.


The template includes and You can also use these additional styles:

  • .colorful: add the branding color as background color.
  • .highlight: add the branding color as font color.
  • .center: center align text.
  • h1.big: a bigger h1 header.


All images placed in the public/carousel folder will automatically be used for the carousel.


The content folder contains the site's content. You can include markdown (.md) and HTML (.html) files. Markdown files will be parsed using

You can order your site's content by adding numbers in front of the file name:


These are the included artisan commands:


Used when installing the SiteCore for the first time. This will:

  • Publish the configuration file to app/config/packages/flatturtle/sitecore/config.php
  • Publish assets to public/packages/flatturtle/sitecore
  • Generate a Laravel application key
  • Clear application cache
  • Create the content directory if it does not exists


  • Publish assets to public/packages/flatturtle/sitecore
  • Clear application cache

Copyright and license

2012-2014 - FlatTurtle

Code is licensed under AGPLv3




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