A digital signage platform written in HTML5 to visualize open data on big screens
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A modular HTML5 interface to display "turtles" on a digital signage template. Turtles included. This code should run on an external server, which makes it possible to maintain your digital signage solution into the cloud.

This is a project by FlatTurtle. It's the back-end for our digital signage platform. FlatTurtle is a member of the iRail npo.


  • plug-ins in javascript take care of special actions
  • API for real-time changes in the API
  • Add classes in the turtles directory and use them instantly
  • cronjobs

Useful links

Quickly set up a screen:

  1. Set up your index.php according to the example
  2. Add a .json file according to the DISCS spec
  3. php -S localhost:5000

Tools used

  • jQuery
  • Backbone.js
  • Later.js: for cronjobs when the code is ran on TurtleOS using the FlatTurtle InfoScreenBrowser
  • PHP5.3 with CodeIgniter prints the right configuration from the database as an initializer, and takes care of the URL structure. It does however not work as an API.

License and copyrights

© 2011 - 2014 FlatTurtle bvba - Some rights reserved: AGPLv3