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Hi. My name is Flaviu and I am an Economics major with a masters in Software Engineering, currently working as a Java system administrator at UNC Charlotte and exploring Python and django for faster development.
People hate taking surveys. Businesses and Educational institutions are moving away from paper based evaluations to online based ones because they're cheaper and easier to administer.
They need to evaluate trainers, instructors, facilities, and usefulness of their training session, a class, or product.
Currently, the online tools (surveyshare, surveymonkey, surveygizmo) suck. Their UI, features, and reporting are sub-par.
I would like to make an online evaluation website that is fun to use, and more importantly, that makes surveys fun to take.
This would have public evaluations in additions to private ones. The website would allow one to anonymously evaluate products and services.
Hence, if you had a product or website that you want the community to evaluate, you could do it here. If you had a terrible experience with a product, you could also do that here.
The business plan would be a freemium, where clients wanting to create more than x evaluations are charged a fee.
I need a good designer, two developers, and a system administrator looking to do this with the most efficient tools out there. I am willing to learn what those tools may be if you are.