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Get started with Flax

Flax Engine Logo

Welcome to the official Flax Engine Manual! In this section you will find everything you need to start creating games with Flax from scratch. Let's get started!

The first steps

Install Flax

Download and install Flax.

Launch Flax

Start using the Flax Launcher.

Create a project

Create your very first Flax game project.

Migrate to Flax

Flax for UE4® devs

Move your project and team from UE4 to Flax.

Flax for Unity® devs

Move your project and team from Unity to Flax.

Learn the basics


Learn how to work with Flax Editor.


Create levels for your game.


Start creating content.

Project structure

Learn about Flax projects structure.


Learn how to create and use prefabs.

Visual Studio extension

Install our plugin for Visual Studio for programmers.


See the most common terms used in Flax Engine.