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Allows users to connect within their community and request or contribute help to those who need it.
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Introducing Kalena

A new and intuitive care calendar. Create your own community, family, friends calendar and ask for help doing tasks that need to be done. Thank you to node.js (sequelize and we’ve created a real time app that allows you to ask for help, give it and chat with your private group.

  • Request time-specific help from family and friends
  • Keep track of who's helping — and when
  • Communicate with each other about your responsibilities


On the Front-end side, we decided to focus on simple, clean and intuitive UX/UI, using our costume made CSS. We also used a calendar engine to make the actual calendar and be able to post tasks and be able to claim them.

Back-end wise, our server is node.js with a MySQL as a database. We have an Authentication process to store users in the database and be able to have their private session. Each calendar also has it's own private chat room where calendar members can talk to each other.

Check it out!

  • Kalena - Create your own Kalenda Calendar!
  • Step by step How it works
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