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@Fledge68 Fledge68 released this Nov 15, 2018 · 151 commits to master since this release

  • now compiled with ppc r33 and libogc 1.8.21.

  • now removing games from categories_lite.ini if they are not in a category. this helps keep the list shorter.

  • now on very first start wii games partition is set to a partition that contains a wbfs folder or is wbfs partition type. no longer defaults to SD.

  • added more default gamecube settings to the gamecube default settings menu. added devo emu memcard, nintendont emu memcard, and nintendont wii u widescreen. now you don't have manually edit wiiflow_lite.ini to set these.

  • added pages 7 thru 11 to main settings for a total of 19 more settings you can now set without having to manually edit the ini file. removed data_on_usb and replaced it with sd_only setting.

  • added ability for music plugin to play playlist files (.pls or .m3u). edit your music plugin ini. change the filetypes line to include .pls and .msu for example: filetypes=.mp3|.ogg|.pls|.m3u

  • added auto cache covers and banners when you start wiiflow for the very first time or you do a reload cache. this means wiiflow will go thru the gamelist making cache (.wfc) files for every game that doesn't already have one.

  • restored fanart but with some differences. 1. only fanart shows, no cover and no game title and no buttons (play, back, favs, etc.). 2. to stop and exit fanart press 'a' while pointer hand is on screen. if pointer hand is not on screen pressing 'a' launches game. pressing 'b' exits game selected screen and returns to normal coverflow. d-pad right and left still go to next or previous game. 3. fanart can either play once or loop. when play once is done it automatically clears fanart and returns to cover view. with looping it will restart the fanart. looping is good for slideshows of game images. looping and play once is determined by the setting "show_cover_after_animation". if set to no then looping is enabled. set to yes for only once.

  • now fanart works for plugins too. plugin fanart goes in wiiflow/fanart/{coverfolder}/{gametitle}. replace {coverfolder} with the coverfolder= that's set in the plugin's ini file.
    replace {gametitle} with title of the rom file without the extension.
    the fanart ini file must match the {gametitle} you used for the folder.

  • fixed sourceflow to include the last source menu button

  • fixed source menu so it only shows buttons on last page and hides the rest.

  • added sort by button numbers for sourceflow. hold 'b' and press '+' to change from alpha sort to by button numbers and back. while viewing sourceflow.

  • added optional ability to use source menu tiers/virtual subfolders. each tier is a different source_menu.ini. put them all in wiiflow/source_menu. name them all differently but the base source menu must be named source_menu.ini. to access another source menu ini create a source button with source=new_source and set magic=filename.ini replacing filename with the one you want. to go back a tier press '-' and press '+' to go back to base source menu.

  • added [GENERAL] section to source menu ini's. with 2 settings. background= and flow= both explained next.

  • added option to change sourceflow background with every new tier. set background=filename.png (or .jpg) and place your background images in wiiflow/source_menu/backgrounds.

  • added flow=x for sourceflow tiers. each tier can have its own flow layout.

  • added _flatflow as a coverflow. covers will be displayed flat one sided. only works with plugins. add 'boxmode=no'to any plugin ini and the covers will use _flatflow.

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