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Android TV Live Channel Plugin with user-entered stream files, powered by the TIF Companion Library.

CumulusTV is a service that allows users to add HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) files or any website and play them through the Live Channels app on Android TV. Channels can be added through Android TV, or sync your data with Google Drive and edit the data on any computer.

Documentation and short guides can be found on the project's website.

Discussion can happen on the subreddit.


This is a community project. I welcome any other developers to contribute to this project as well, whether in the form of a web app, a phone app, or on the Android TV app. Please submit a pull request.

If you can't develop, you can create an issue here, or send inquires @HandNF.

Create a Plugin

CumulusTV supports a plugin infrastructure to make it easier to setup certain types of sources when the URL may change.

Want to make it easy for users to add a Twitch stream without entering a complicated URL? Then you want to create a plugin. This is an app that works easily with CumulusTV, simplifying the amount of work you need to do for a live channel to appear.

repositories {
	maven { url '' }

compile 'com.github.Fleker:CumulusTV:1.7.+'

To learn how to do this, read this guide.

Download it Now

The app is available for free on Google Play as a beta. Anyone who downloads and uses the beta will be using the most recent release.


This originally started from a thread on Reddit where a user wanted to add user-defined channels using m3u8 files.


  • Find m3u streams to provide as samples
  • Expand the types of data to be imported
  • Expand the locations where data can be imported
  • Android Auto support

Suggested Streams

To help users quickly setup, I want a set of suggested streams (m3u8 files) that users can add. If you have a suggestion, add it as an issue for this project so I can add it to the list.

JSON Format

Google Drive syncs a JSON file between all your devices that can be easily edited. The format is below. Of course, you can easily import and export M3U playlists using the built-in parser from a local file or from the web.


Selecting as a channel source


Android TV Live Channel Plugin with user-entered stream files








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