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# You many now use double quotes around pathnames, in case
# your pathname includes spaces.
romimage: file=/usr/share/bochs/BIOS-bochs-latest
vgaromimage: file=/usr/share/bochs/VGABIOS-lgpl-latest
# size of memory
megs: 128
# floppy image
floppya: 1_44=bin/kernel.img, status=inserted
# just a partition image, formatted by mkfs.minix, 1mb
ata0-master: type=disk, path="bin/rootfs.img", mode=flat, cylinders=2, heads=16, spt=63
boot: a
log: .bochsout
panic: action=ask
error: action=report
info: action=report
debug: action=ignore
# gdbstub: enabled=1, port=1234, text_base=0, data_base=0, bss_base=0
vga_update_interval: 300000
keyboard_serial_delay: 250
keyboard_paste_delay: 100000
mouse: enabled=0
private_colormap: enabled=0
fullscreen: enabled=0
screenmode: name="sample"
keyboard_mapping: enabled=0, map=
keyboard_type: at
debug_symbols: file=main.sym
#keyboard_type: at
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