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namespace SqlConnector.Tests
open FlexSearch.Api.Model;
open FlexSearch.Api.Client;
open FlexSearch.Api.Api;
module SampleIndexingRequest =
// We assume we already have an index in FlexSearch named 'contact' with the following fields:
// - firstname - text
// - lastname - text
// - createdon - date
// I'll create a statement that will just bring the contacts that begin with 'V'.
// You can omit any where clause and just bring everything if you want.
let selectStatement = """
SELECT contactid, firstname, lastname, createdon
FROM contact
WHERE firstname like 'v*'
let request = new SqlIndexingRequest(IndexName = "contact",
ConnectionString = "data source=localdb;initial catalog=contact;Integrated Security=True",
Query = selectStatement,
ForceCreate = true, // I am sure that all the documents that will be indexed are new ones
CreateJob = true ) // I want to get a job ID back and check the status of the job myself
// Create a client to send the SQL request
let api = new CommonApi("http://localhost:9800")
// Send the actual request
let result = api.Sql(request, "contact")
// Extract the job ID
let jobId = if result.Error |> isNull then result.Data |> Some
else None
// Check the status
let status =
match jobId with
| Some(id) ->
let jobApi = new JobsApi("http://localhost:9800")
printfn "Job Status: %A" <| jobApi.GetJob(id).Data.JobStatus
| None -> printfn "Oops"