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LinkedIn authentication for Alfresco by using oauth2
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SDK 3.0

  • Create a file ${} from example in the project root folder. Where ${} is your PC user name. Edit IP address and check the path to ImageMagick. Installing ImageMagick Manual

  • Run for SDK3.0 alfresco startup

mvn clean install alfresco:run

AMPs modules

  • for building AMPs modules:
mvn clean package

You can find AMPs here .SocialLogin-platform/target/SocialLogin-platform.amp and .SocialLogin-share/target/SocialLogin-share.amp


  • Before startup an Alfresco server check if you are not overwriting authentication.chain in the If not - skip this step. If you are already have configured more then one authentication systems, you have to append to your chain one more authentication separated by comma in the end of the chain flex_oauth2:flex_oauth2. Example: authentication.chain=alfrescoNtlm1:alfrescoNtlm,ldap1:ldap,flex_oauth2:flex_oauth2.

Note if you disable all authentications systems and leave only flex_oauth2:flex_oauth2 you will not have ability to access to Oauth2 Configuration page as Oauth2 is disabled by default from admin UI, leave at least one system by witch one you can sign in as Admin user and setup Oauth2 application credentials

  • Check that properties have correct values of your real IP or DNS name in the

(We strongly recommend using HTTPS whenever possible on your server):


  • Login to your admin LinkedIn account on Click on the button Create Application.

  • Fill out all required fields and save it.

  • Open Authentication tab where you can see your Client Id and Secret Key. Do not show this keys to anybody. This codes will need you for further setup.

  • Check the checkboxes from Default Application Permissions set. The r_basicprofile and r_emailaddress have to be checked (true), and rw_company_admin and w_share - unchecked (false).

  • Add OAuth 2.0 Authorized Redirect URLs: enter a URL of your installed Alfresco with format https://<IP>:<Port>/share/service/api/social-login where IP - is the IP address of your server or DNS name, Port - http port (keep empty if you are using default http port). Examples:,

Do not forget click Add button and Save/Update on the page bottom. Do not close the page until you can see success saving message.

  • login as the admin user to Alfresco Share. Open:Admin Tools/Tools/Oauth2 Configuration - Sample URL for locally installed Alfresco: http://localhost:8080/share/page/console/admin-console/oauth2-config-form

  • Fill Client ID and Secret KEY from your LinkedIn application that you have already created. Set checkbox Is LinkedIn Oauth2 Sign In Enabled ? for enabling Sign In with LinkedIn button on the login page. Click Submit.

  • Done. You can open login page an sing into Alfresco Share as a LinkedIn user. Sample Video ->

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