Make geometries measurable in Leaflet.
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Classes for measure markers, circles, rectangles, polylines, polygon based on


Leaflet-Editable-Measures is made to be fully extendable. You have three ways to customize the behaviour: using options, listening to events, or extending.


Leaflet-Editable-Measures add events to the L.Map object.

When an event occurs the called function takes a parameter that contains the following properties:

  • e - original event;
  • measurer - measurer , that control measured layer;
  • layer - measured layer;
  • layerType - type of layer.

layerType can contain the following values:

  • Marker
  • Circle
  • Rectangle
  • Polyline
  • Polygon


event name usage
measure:move Fired on mouse move before creating (choose point for marker, first vertex for Circle, Rectangle, Polyline, Polygon) figure.
measure:create Fired when figure is being created (add first and following vertex, drag Circle or Rectangle vertex).
measure:created Fired when figure created (mouse click for Marker, click on last vertex for Polyline/Polygon, mouseUp after dragging drag Circle or Rectangle vertex).
measure:edit Fired when fire varied (Marker dragging, vertex of Circle/Rectangle/Polyline/Polygon dragged or deleted ).
measure:editend Fired when varied is complete (mouseUp after dragging, vertex deleting).