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How to Contribute


The UI has a solid base but we need help building the plugins and maintaining. If you would like to get your hands dirty in React, CSS or UX Design then please read below and join our chat.

Technologies we use:

Getting Setup:

This assumes you have the following technologies installed and on your path:

I recommend using something like nvm for installing and managing versions of node but any method will work.

  1. Fork the repo (Once we see any semi-serious input from a developer we will grant write permissions to our central repository. You can also request this earlier if you wish.)
  2. Install dependencies
$ yarn install
  1. To start the webpack dever server, you can run. This has hot reloading on by default to make development easier:
SERVER=<flexget_api:port> yarn start

Then you can go to http://localhost:8000 (use PORT env variable to run on a different port) in your browser. 4. After you've made your changes, run yarn lint, yarn test and then open a PR.


  • We are in the process of moving from javascript to typescript and if you are making substantial changes to a javascript file, please convert it to typescript if you feel comfortable doing so. All new files should be written in typescript.


Technologies we use:

We also use the following in some older tests that haven't been migrated to to react-testing-library yet.

To run the tests, run yarn test. To run the tests in watch mode, run yarn test --watch. To run tests with coverage, run yarn test --coverage. You can also view coverage on Codecov once you've made a PR.