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FlexibleSUSY 2.5.0 [June, 20 2020]

New features

  • Added support for the COLLIER [arXiv:1604.06792] Passarino-Veltman loop function library. The COLLIER support can be activated by the following configure command:

    ./configure --with-loop-libraries=collier [...]

    See ./configure --help and README.rst for further information.

    Note: COLLIER can be automatically installed via:

    conan install . --build=missing

    The loop function library to use at run-time can be selected by setting the flag FlexibleSUSY[31] accordingly in the SLHA input record (0 = SOFTSUSY, 1 = COLLIER, 2 = LoopTools, 3 = FFLite). In the Mathematica interface, chose loopLibrary -> [...] accordingly.

    Thanks to Uladzimir Khasianevich.

  • Added calculation of $b \to s \gamma$. Currently only diagrams with scalars and fermions in the loop are supported. See doc/observables/b_physics.rst for further details.

    Thanks to Kien Dang Tran.

  • New calculation of the W boson pole mass with decoupling behaviour for large BSM masses.

    Thanks to Markus Bach.


  • [commit c5b7e4a8b]: Rename FlexibleSUSY symbol Temporary to FSTemporary in order to avoid a conflict with an internal mathematica symbol.

  • The C++ interface for the one-loop integrals has been changed to allow switching between the used loop library at run-time. See doc/add_loop_library.rst and src/loop_libraries/loop_library_interface.hpp for further technical details.

    Thanks to Uladzimir Khasianevich.

  • Changed code organization of NPointFunctions module: improved speed of C++ calculations, improved maintainability of the metacode.

  • Improved performance of flexiblesusy-config script.

  • Improved performance of 1-loop threshold functions from [arXiv:1407.4081], used in HSSUSY.

  • make all-test now returns early and with a non-zero exit code when a test fails. Use make -k all-test to force running of all tests.

  • When installing the dependencies with Conan, the Eigen 3 library from the Conan repository is preferred over the one installed in the system directories.

  • Improved performance and compile-time of the 2-loop MSSM threshold corrections.

  • Improved compile time.

  • Updated GM2Calc to version 1.6.0.

Fixed bugs

  • [commit 6d4310f6a]: Fix linking error with LoopTools on some platforms by linking with libquadmath when necessary.
  • Fixed numerical instability of SOFTSUSY's B0 function.
  • Fixed run-time error on 32-bit ARM platforms

FlexibleSUSY 2.4.2 [April, 10 2020]

Fixed bugs

  • [commit de7091b0d]: Fixed setting of threshold correction flags with clang++ 7.0.
  • [commit 23f66e54c]: Fixed compilation error of LibraryLink on platforms where mint = long long.

FlexibleSUSY 2.4.1 [October, 16 2019]

New features

  • The 4-loop SM-QCD threshold corrections O(αs^4) to the strong coupling [hep-ph/0512060] can be added by setting

    UseSMAlphaS4Loop = True

    in the model file.

  • New module meta/SM/as_4loop_qcd.m with 4-loop SM-QCD threshold corrections O(αs^4) to the strong coupling [hep-ph/0512060].

  • New module meta/LoopFunctionsZeroMomentum.m with Passarino-Veltman 1-loop functions for vanishing external momenta.

Fixed bugs

  • [commit c06e57497]: The sign of 2- and 3-loop pure QCD threshold corrections for αs in the Standard Model has been corrected. The effect is of the order 50 MeV w.r.t. the Higgs pole mass.
  • [commit bedc5b83f]: ./createmodel returned an error when the models directory was empty.

FlexibleSUSY 2.4.0 [August, 04 2019]

New features

  • Implementation of the 4-loop O(αs^4) contributions to the running MS-bar top mass of the Standard Model from [1604.01134, 1502.01030, 1606.06754]. The contributions can be enabled in SM-like models by setting the flag:

    UseYukawa4LoopQCD = True


    UseYukawa4LoopQCD = Automatic

    The 4-loop threshold correction is taken into account at run-time if both the global threshold correction loop order flag (FlexibleSUSY[7] or thresholdCorrectionsLoopOrder) and the individual top Yukawa coupling threshold correction flag (FlexibleSUSY[24] or thresholdCorrections) are set to a value > 3.

    Example (SLHA input file):

    Block FlexibleSUSY
        7   4          # global threshold corrections loop order flag
       24   124111321  # individual threshold correction loop orders

    Example (Mathematica interface):

    fsSettings = {
        thresholdCorrectionsLoopOrder -> 4,
        thresholdCorrections -> 124111321,
  • Implementation of 3-loop contributions O(αb,ατ) to the Standard Model beta functions from [1604.00853].

  • Implementation of the 2-loop O(αt αs + αt^2) contributions to the running MS-bar top mass of the Standard Model from [1604.01134]. The contributions can be enabled in SM-like models by setting the flag:

    UseSMYukawa2Loop = True

    Note that FlexibleSUSY must be configured with TSIL to use these corrections, see README.rst. Furthermore TSIL must be compiled with -fPIC, which can be achieved by setting in the TSIL Makefile:

    TSIL_OPT = -O3 -funroll-loops -fPIC
  • The libraries required to build FlexibleSUSY can now be installed via the Conan package manager, see the README.rst for more details.


    # install Conan (if not already installed)
    pip install conan
    # add remote repository conan-hep (if not already done)
    conan remote add conan-hep
    # install required libraries
    conan install . --build=missing
  • The output of make is now non-verbose by default. To enable verbose make output run:

    make VERBOSE=1
  • New non-SUSY model LeptoSplitMSSM with light 1st and 2nd generation sleptons and light charginos and neutrinos.

    Thanks to Fabian Esser.


  • The C++ language version has been increased to C++14. As a result, a C++14-compatible compiler is required to compile FlexibleSUSY. This is the case for
    • g++ >= 5.0.0
    • clang++ >= 3.8.1
    • icpc >= 17.0.0
  • The support for BLAS/LAPACK as linear algebra libraries has been dropped.

Fixed bugs

  • [commit 3b417122]: MSSMD5O model is fixed so that the initial guess of WOp does not depend on uninitialized vu.

    Thanks to Andrew Miller.

  • [commit c47ef34a]: In function SLHA_io::read_entry, if there is more than one entry with the same key in an SLHA block, use the last one. Note, that SLHA_io::read_entry has not been used in FlexibleSUSY so far.

  • [commit eac58a54]: Correcting 2-loop O(ατ^2) threshold corrections to the quartic Higgs coupling in HSSUSY.

    Thanks to Emanuele Bagnaschi.

  • [commits 01c9471e, e9814ffc] Fix linking problem due to libpthread not linked on some platforms.

  • [commit 41e13c3f] Fix compatibility with SARAH 4.14.2. The issue arose due to a name clash regarding the Mathematica function CreateParameterList[].

FlexibleSUSY 2.3.0 [January, 22 2019]

New features

  • Implementation of the 5-loop beta function of the strong gauge coupling in the SM from [1606.08659]. The 5-loop contribution is enabled in all FlexibleEFTHiggs models by default and can be enabled in other SM-like models by setting the flag

    UseSM5LoopRGEs = True

    in the corresponding model file.

  • An internal FeynArts/FormCalc interface has been added, which allows for loop calculations inside FlexibleSUSY's meta code. This interface is currently optional and FlexibleSUSY can be run without a FeynArts/FormCalc installation.


  • The documentation of FlexibleSUSY has been extended and changed to the reStructuredText format for easier access. The documentation root file is README.rst. It can be read online at github or locally using for example restview:

    restview README.rst
  • The unused file test/SOFTSUSY/nmssm1loop.f has been removed.

  • The calculation of the vertices with the CXXDiagrams module has been improved and is now significantly faster.

Fixed bugs

  • [commit e5473865]: Take non-standard normalization of VEVs into account in FlexibleEFTHiggs models.
  • [commit 79651844]: Avoid linker-specific --start-group and --end-group in order to make the tests build on MacOS.
  • [commits 6a4a32324, 2cdd71861, 90ca05d70]: Compatibility fixes for SARAH 4.14.0.
  • [commits 65aeb9dc, 89b4000b, e7c87c6d]: Ensure phase factors have unit modulus when converting a CKM matrix to PDG conventions in the case that cos(theta13) vanishes, and add missing Majorana phases in the definition of the PMNS matrix.
  • [commits 05664d66c, b6073b112]: Refining criterion for the selection of the degenerate mass limit of the 2-loop SQCD correction to the top mass in the MSSM. This change improves the numerical precision and the stability of the correction for large SUSY scales above 10 TeV.
  • [commits 41d704f05, e0b468e3a]: Correcting implementation of analytic B00 function in meta/LoopFunctions.m for vanishing momentum.
  • [commits 4a8b249e0, ff0ca140b]: The speed of the conversion of the SARAH-generated beta functions to FlexibleSUSY format has been improved. This change is significant for complicated BSM models with many couplings.
  • [commit e88c1c8ab]: Fix linking with ifort compiled LoopTools.

FlexibleSUSY 2.2.0 [August, 26 2018]

New features

  • The symbols upQuarksDRbar, downQuarksDRbar, downLeptonsDRbar and neutrinoDRbar are now accessible in all the individual low-scale constraint settings (not only in the ones that set the SM-like Yukawa couplings Yu, Yd, Ye and Yv).

  • 3-loop corrections of O(αt^2 αs^2) from [1807.03509] to the quartic Higgs coupling of the SM can be used in HSSUSY. To use the corrections, FlexibleSUSY must be configured with Himalaya 2.0.0:

    ./configure --with-models=[...] --enable-himalaya \
       --with-himalaya-incdir=$HIMALAYA_DIR/source/include \


  • If unspecified, the pole mass and EWSB loop order is set to 4 and the threshold correction loop order is set to 3. In this way all available loop corrections are enable by default.

Fixed bugs

  • [commit a9860038a]: Properly treat Re[p] and Im[p] in the parameter list of FSFindRoot[] and FSMinimize[], when the parameter p has indices.

  • [commit 85f145a72]: Speed-up the generation of the C++ code in models with complicated boundary conditions, like HSSUSY for example.

  • [commit 00b6798a7]: Speed-up the generation of the C++ code with Mathematica 11.3.

    Thanks to Wojciech Kotlarski.

  • [commit f2b91c358]: Flag error when non-perturbative corrections appear in calculation of Weinberg angle.

  • [commits 38e5b30, 5c64b0c]: Pick correct neutrino mass eigenstate in Delta_VB calculation in models with neutrino mixing. This avoids a division by zero if neutrinos are strongly mixed.

  • [commit 8d508521d]: Correcting 4-loop beta function of the Standard Model top Yukawa coupling. Note: A factor yt is missing in the expression betaytl4 in the file ttp16_008.m. This factor yt is present in Eq.(3.5) of 1604.00853.

  • [commit a2de8a30d]: Stripping leading/trailing whitespace from system directory paths used in the configure script.

  • [commit 7da3f384d]: Don't extract local const references from a sum of expressions because the sum may accidentally be zero.

  • [commit 35d4f1952]: Correcting re-scaling factor of the 2-loop singlet tadpole in the NMSSM.

    Thanks to Sebastian Pögel.

  • [commit a9047718d]: Disable multi-threading when LoopTools is used to avoid race conditions. Note that LoopTools is thread-unsafe, because it accepts the renormalization scale via a global variable.

  • [commit e31280702]: Correcting 2-loop O(αt αs) threshold corrections in the THDM-like EFTs of the MSSM (THDMIIMSSMBC*, HTHDMIIMSSMBC, HGTHDMIIMSSMBC*).

    Note: The distribution of the sum

    lambda_{345} = lambda_3 + lambda_4 + lambda_5

    (see Eq.(61) of 1508.00576) onto the individual lambda_{3,4,5} is not unique. In FlexibleSUSY's THDM-like models we now chose the same distribution as in MhEFT 1.0 and 1.1.

    Thanks to Jobst Ziebell.

  • [commit 8eba91256]: Correcting IsMassless[] function for ghost fields.

    Thanks to Wojciech Kotlarski.

FlexibleSUSY 2.1.0 [March, 05 2018]

New features

  • Allow user to perform replacements on beta functions, self-energies/tadpoles and vertices. The replacement rules are specified as:

    FSBetaFunctionRules = {
        {g1 -> 0, g2 -> 0}, (* applied to 1L beta functions *)
        {g1 -> 0, g2 -> 0}, (* applied to 2L beta functions *)
        {g1 -> 0, g2 -> 0}  (* applied to 3L beta functions *)
    FSSelfEnergyRules = {
        (* applied to 1L self-energies/tadpoles *)
        { (Mass|Mass2)[VZ|gZ] -> 0 }
    (* applied to all vertices *)
    FSVertexRules = { g1 -> 0, g2 -> 0 };
  • Adding three new input parameters to the HSSUSY model file which can be used to estimate the theoretical uncertainty:

    • By setting EXTPAR[201] to 0 or 1, the parametrization of the 2-loop threshold correction to lambda can be switched between yt(SM,MS-bar) and yt(MSSM,DR-bar).
    • By setting EXTPAR[202] to 0 or 1, the parametrization of the 2-loop threshold correction to lambda can be switched between DR-bar or on-shell stop mass parameters.
    • A non-zero value of EXTPAR[203] is interpreted as matching scale Q_match. EXTPAR[203] = 0 corresponds to Q_match = MSUSY.

    SLHA input field

    Mathematica symbol




    0 = yt(SM), 1 = yt(MSSM)



    0 = OS stops, 1 = DR stops



    matching scale

  • The Mathematica script model_files/HSSUSY/HSSUSY_uncertainty_estimate.m has been added. The script defines the CalcHSSUSYDMh[] function, which performs an uncertainty estimate of the predicted SM-like Higgs mass. The three sources of uncertainty defined in [1504.05200] are taken into account: SM uncertainty, EFT uncertainty and SUSY uncertainty. See ?CalcHSSUSYDMh for more information.

  • The Mathematica script model_files/MSSMEFTHiggs/MSSMEFTHiggs_uncertainty_estimate.m has been added. The script defines the CalcMSSMEFTHiggsDMh[] function, which performs an uncertainty estimate of the predicted SM-like Higgs mass. Two sources of uncertainty defined in [1609.00371] are taken into account: SM uncertainty and SUSY uncertainty. See ?CalcMSSMEFTHiggsDMh for more information. Note, that there is no "EFT uncertainty" in MSSMEFTHiggs, because all 1-loop v^n/MS^n terms are included.

  • The Mathematica script model_files/NUHMSSMNoFVHimalaya/NUHMSSMNoFVHimalaya_uncertainty_estimate.m has been added. The script defines the CalcNUHMSSMNoFVHimalayaDMh[] function, which performs an uncertainty estimate of the predicted SM-like Higgs mass. The uncertainty is estimated by: 1) varying the renormalisation scale, 2) changing the top Yukawa coupling by higher orders (if available) and 3) changing the stong coupling by higher orders.

  • Implementing 2-loop effective potential contributions to the Higgs pole mass in the Standard Model of O((αt+αb)^2 + αb αs + ατ^2). These corrections are enabled in all FlexibleEFTHiggs models by default and can be enabled in other SM-like models by setting the flag

    UseHiggs2LoopSM = True

    in the corresponding model file. At run-time these corrections (and the O(αt αs) contributions) are enabled when the following switches are set in the SLHA input file:

    Block FlexibleSUSY
        4   2   # pole mass loop order
        5   2   # EWSB loop order
        8   1   # Higgs 2-loop corrections O(alpha_t alpha_s)
        9   1   # Higgs 2-loop corrections O(alpha_b alpha_s)
       10   1   # Higgs 2-loop corrections O((alpha_t + alpha_b)^2)
       11   1   # Higgs 2-loop corrections O(alpha_tau^2)

    or in the Mathematica interface:

       fsSettings -> {
         poleMassLoopOrder -> 2,            (* FlexibleSUSY[4] *)
         ewsbLoopOrder -> 2,                (* FlexibleSUSY[5] *)
         higgs2loopCorrectionAtAs -> 1,     (* FlexibleSUSY[8] *)
         higgs2loopCorrectionAbAs -> 1,     (* FlexibleSUSY[9] *)
         higgs2loopCorrectionAtAt -> 1,     (* FlexibleSUSY[10] *)
         higgs2loopCorrectionAtauAtau -> 1, (* FlexibleSUSY[11] *)
       }, ...
  • Implementation of the strong corrections to the 4-loop beta functions of the strong gauge, Yukawa and quartic Higgs couplings in the SM from [1508.00912, 1604.00853, 1508.02680]. These 4-loop beta function contributions are enabled in all FlexibleEFTHiggs models by default and can be enabled in other SM-like models by setting the flag

    UseSM4LoopRGEs = True

    in the corresponding model file.

    Many thanks to Alexander Bednyakov for providing the expression for the 4-loop beta function for the strong gauge coupling.

  • Implementing 4-loop effective potential contributions to the Higgs pole mass in the Standard Model from 1508.00912. The 4-loop contributions are enabled in all FlexibleEFTHiggs models by default and can be enabled in other SM-like models by setting the flag

    UseHiggs4LoopSM = True

    in the corresponding model file.

Fixed bugs

  • [commit b85e723]: Fix diagonalization of complex symmetric matrices when some of the eigenvalues are degenerate.

  • [commit d00b4f5]: Extract electric charge from particle-anti-particle-photon vertex if the user has not defined the electric charge in SARAH's particles.m file.

  • [commits 398bb00, d1699bf]: Correcting CKM mixing of up-type quarks at the low-energy scale and of the soft-breaking parameters at the GUT scale in the CMSSMCKM.

  • [commit c95a9b81]: Fix compilation error in 4-scalar couplings in models with scalar color triplets due to an unresolved SARAH Clebsch-Gordan coefficient CG[__][__].

  • [commit c053fbab]: Adding missing particle multiplicity factor w.r.t. unbroken non-abelian non-SM gauge groups in the low-energy 1-loop threshold corrections for αem and αs. This bugfix affects BSM models with additional unbroken non-abelian gauge groups.

  • [commit a1fa5e7f]: Fix multiple local definitions of EWSB output parameters in models with complex parameters.

    Thanks to Simonas Drauksas.

  • [commit c275b60]: Fix linking error on Darwin platforms.

  • [commit dd4292a]: Adding the user-defined $(CXXFLAGS) to the command that creates config/depgen.x in order to avoid linking errors on machines where the -parallel flag is needed during linking.

  • [commit 996caef]: Workaround intel compiler / Eigen bug in allFinite() function, which may affect FS output.

FlexibleSUSY 2.0.1 [October, 20 2017]

New features

  • For each FlexibleSUSY <model> the TeX file <model>/<model>_references.tex is created, which contains \cite{} commands with references to be cited. Note, that the references to be cited are model-specific due to the different switches in the FlexibleSUSY model files.

Fixed bugs

  • [commit 682de11c]: Include 2-loop gluino contribution in the extraction of yt from the top pole mass in the split-MSSM, Eq.(4.7) of 1312.5220, if UseHiggs3LoopSplit == True.

    Thanks to Pietro Slavich.

  • [commit a783e318]: Distinguish between tree- and loop-level EWSB failures, so problem points where only one fails (but not the other) get handled properly.

  • [commits 88009cac, 5ac9366c]: Now configure script does not hang even if Mathematica fails to find a valid license. The script does not quit even if Mathematica does not meet the version requirement, unless --enable-meta or --enable-librarylink is given.

    Thanks to Anders Kvellestad.

FlexibleSUSY 2.0.0 [October, 10 2017]

New features

  • The weak mixing angle can now be calculated from the muon decay constant at the full 1-loop level (including flavour mixing effects) in a wide range of models. 2-loop corrections of the order O(αem αs + αt^2) are taken into account, if applicable.

    The method to calculate the weak mixing angle can be chosen in the model file by setting the variable FSWeakMixingAngleInput to either Automatic, FSFermiConstant or FSMassW. If FSWeakMixingAngleInput == FSFermiConstant, then the muon decay constant will be used to determine the weak mixing angle. If FSWeakMixingAngleInput == FSMassW, then the W mass will be used. If FSWeakMixingAngleInput == Automatic (this is the default), then most precise applicable method is chosen automatically.


    FSWeakMixingAngleInput = Automatic; (* recommended *)

    The variable FSWeakMixingAngleOptions has been removed and can no longer be used.

  • BSM contributions to the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon, aµ, at the 1L level in any given BSM model. Note: Diagrams with non-SM vector bosons are not taken into account.

    In order to let FlexibleSUSY calculate aµ, the symbol ``FlexibleSUSYObservable``aMuon`` must be written into an SLHA output block in the ExtraSLHAOutputBlocks variable in the FlexibleSUSY model file.


    ExtraSLHAOutputBlocks = {
          {{21, FlexibleSUSYObservable``aMuon}}}

    Thanks to Jobst Ziebell.

  • BSM contributions to the electric dipole moment of fermions at the 1L level in any given BSM model. Note: Diagrams with non-SM vector bosons are not taken into account.

    In order to let FlexibleSUSY calculate the EDM of a fermion F, the symbol ``FlexibleSUSYObservable``EDM[F]`` must be written into an SLHA output block in the ExtraSLHAOutputBlocks variable in the FlexibleSUSY model file. If F is a multiplet, the field index must be specified, for example ``FlexibleSUSYObservable``EDM[F[1]]`` for the first field in the multiplet.


    ExtraSLHAOutputBlocks = {
          {{23, FlexibleSUSYObservable``EDM[Fe[1]]},
           {24, FlexibleSUSYObservable``EDM[Fe[2]]},
           {25, FlexibleSUSYObservable``EDM[Fe[3]]} } }

    Thanks to Jobst Ziebell.

  • New functions, FS<model>GetProblems[], FS<model>GetWarnings[] and FS<model>ToSLHA[], have been added to FlexibleSUSY's spectrum generator Mathematica interface. The first two functions return details about problems / warnings for the given parameter point. The third one formats the output according to the SLHA standard.

  • 3-loop beta functions (if available) are calculated in parallel if multi-threading is enabled. This leads to a ~25% speed improvement in the MSSM when 3-loop RG running is used.

  • Support for SLHA-2 input block IMEXTPAR.

  • The full 2-loop O(αs^2) corrections to the DR-bar top and bottom Yukawa couplings [hep-ph/0210258, hep-ph/0507139, hep-ph/0707.0650] can be added by setting

    UseMSSMYukawa2Loop = True

    in the model file.

    Thanks to Alexander Bednyakov for providing the expressions.

  • The full 2-loop O(αs^2 + αt αs + αb αs) corrections to the strong coupling [hep-ph/0509048, arXiv:0810.5101, arXiv:1009.5455] can be added by setting

    UseMSSMAlphaS2Loop = True

    in the model file.

    Thanks to Ben Allanach for providing the expressions, which have been extracted from SOFTSUSY 4.0.1.

  • The 2- and 3-loop SM-QCD threshold corrections O(αs^2 + αs^3) to the strong coupling [hep-ph/0004189] can be added by setting

    UseSMAlphaS3Loop = True

    in the model file.

  • The SQLite database output now contains the MS-bar/DR-bar mass spectrum and mixing matrices, in addition to the pole mass spectrum.

  • The loop orders of the threshold corrections of the SM(5) parameters to the BSM model can now be selected individually by using the flag FlexibleSUSY[24] in the SLHA input file or the thresholdCorrections variable in the Mathematica interface. The given value consists of 9 digits, each one representing the threshold correction loop order of a parameter, as shown in the following table. The default value is 123111321, which corresponds to the loop orders given in the table.

    digit position n

    default value (prefactor of 10^n)



    1 (1-loop)



    2 (2-loop)



    3 (3-loop)



    1 (1-loop)



    1 (1-loop)



    1 (1-loop)



    3 (3-loop)



    2 (2-loop)



    1 (1-loop)


  • An additional boundary value problem solution algorithm, based on expanding the soft SUSY breaking or dimensionful parameters in terms of semi-analytic solutions to the RGEs, can now be used to calculate the spectrum in a model.

    The boundary value solver algorithms to be used in a model can be specified by setting the variable FSBVPSolvers to be a list containing all of the desired solvers in the model file. By default, this is set to FSBVPSolvers = { TwoScaleSolver }, corresponding to only the two-scale solver being enabled.

    Example: To enable only the semi-analytic solver instead, the model file should contain the setting

    FSBVPSolvers = { SemiAnalyticSolver };

    Currently, the semi-analytic solver can be used in models where all of the parameters to be expanded are fixed in the same boundary condition, such as the CMSSM or CNMSSM.

  • The 3-loop corrections to the Standard Model Higgs mass of the order O(αt^3 + αt^2 αs + αt αs^2) of 1407.4336 can be taken into account by setting

    UseHiggs3LoopSM = True;

    in the FlexibleSUSY model file. In addition, the pole mass loop order must be set to a value greater or equal to 3 to switch the corrections on (SLHA input: FlexibleSUSY[4], Mathematica interface: poleMassLoopOrder). To switch on/off the individual 3-loop contributions, the SLHA input flags FlexibleSUSY[26-29] or the Mathematica symbols


    can be used.

  • In the MSSM, the 3-loop corrections O(αt αs^2) and O(αb αs^2) to the Higgs pole mass from Ref. 1005.5709 can be taken into account. The corrections are taken from the Himalaya package 1708.05720. Himalaya can be downloaded from .

    To build Himalaya, run:

    mkdir build
    cd build
    cmake ..

    where $HIMALAY_PATH is the path to the Himalaya package.

    To enable the 3-loop corrections in a FlexibleSUSY model, set the following flag in the FlexibleSUSY model file:

    UseHiggs3LoopMSSM = True;

    In addition, we strongly recommend to set:

    UseHiggs2LoopMSSM = True;
    EffectiveMu = \[Mu]; (* chose sign convention for mu parameter *)
    UseMSSMYukawa2Loop = True;
    UseMSSMAlphaS2Loop = True;
    UseMSSM3LoopRGEs = True;

    There are already three model files with all these corrections enabled: MSSMNoFVatMGUTHimalaya, MSSMNoFVHimalaya, NUHMSSMNoFVHimalaya.

    To build the FlexibleSUSY spectrum generator with the 3-loop corrections from Himalaya, the location of the Himalaya library and the Himalaya header files must be passed to the configure script:

    ./configure --with-models=[...] \
       --enable-himalaya \
       --with-himalaya-incdir=$HIMALAY_PATH/source/include \

    To enable the 3-loop corrections at run-time, the following flags should be set in the SLHA input:

    Block FlexibleSUSY
        4   3          # pole mass loop order
        5   3          # EWSB loop order
        6   3          # beta-functions loop order
        7   2          # threshold corrections loop order
        8   1          # Higgs 2-loop corrections O(alpha_t alpha_s)
        9   1          # Higgs 2-loop corrections O(alpha_b alpha_s)
       10   1          # Higgs 2-loop corrections O((alpha_t + alpha_b)^2)
       11   1          # Higgs 2-loop corrections O(alpha_tau^2)
       24   123111221  # individual threshold correction loop orders
       25   0          # ren. scheme for Higgs 3L corrections (0 = DR, 1 = MDR)
       26   1          # Higgs 3-loop corrections O(alpha_t alpha_s^2)
       27   1          # Higgs 3-loop corrections O(alpha_b alpha_s^2)

    In FlexibleSUSY's Mathematica interface, the following settings should be used:

    fsSettings -> {
        poleMassLoopOrder -> 3,            (* FlexibleSUSY[4] *)
        ewsbLoopOrder -> 3,                (* FlexibleSUSY[5] *)
        betaFunctionLoopOrder -> 3,        (* FlexibleSUSY[6] *)
        thresholdCorrectionsLoopOrder -> 2,(* FlexibleSUSY[7] *)
        higgs2loopCorrectionAtAs -> 1,     (* FlexibleSUSY[8] *)
        higgs2loopCorrectionAbAs -> 1,     (* FlexibleSUSY[9] *)
        higgs2loopCorrectionAtAt -> 1,     (* FlexibleSUSY[10] *)
        higgs2loopCorrectionAtauAtau -> 1, (* FlexibleSUSY[11] *)
        thresholdCorrections -> 123111221, (* FlexibleSUSY[24] *)
        higgs3loopCorrectionRenScheme -> 0,(* FlexibleSUSY[25] *)
        higgs3loopCorrectionAtAsAs -> 1,   (* FlexibleSUSY[26] *)
        higgs3loopCorrectionAbAsAs -> 1,   (* FlexibleSUSY[27] *)
  • Adding complete 1-loop O(ατ + αb) and complete 2-loop O((αt + αb)^2 + ατ^2) threshold corrections for lambda(MSUSY) to the HSSUSY model file from [arXiv:1703.08166]. Many thanks to Pietro Slavich and Emanuele Bagnaschi for providing the expressions.

    Note: 5 new flags are introduced to enable/disable the individual 2-loop corrections. In the SLHA input the flags which control the inclusion of 2-loop corrections are:

    Block EXTPAR                 # Input parameters
      100   2                    # LambdaLoopOrder
      101   1                    # TwoLoopAtAs
      102   1                    # TwoLoopAbAs
      103   1                    # TwoLoopAtAb
      104   1                    # TwoLoopAtauAtau
      105   1                    # TwoLoopAtAt

    In the Mathematica interface the flags which control the inclusion of 2-loop corrections are:

    handle = FSHSSUSYOpenHandle[
       fsModelParameters -> {
          LambdaLoopOrder -> 2,
          TwoLoopAtAs -> 1,
          TwoLoopAbAs -> 1,
          TwoLoopAtAb -> 1,
          TwoLoopAtauAtau -> 1,
          TwoLoopAtAt -> 1
  • Adding the new input parameter DeltaEFT to the HSSUSY spectrum generator to allow the user to estimate the EFT uncertainty. Each 1-loop term in the threshold correction for lambda(MS) is multiplied by the factor (1 + DeltaEFT v^2/MS^2). Thus, the standard calculation of HSSUSY is obtained by DeltaEFT = 0 (default). Set DeltaEFT = 1 to obtain an alternative Higgs pole mass with a shifted threshold correction to estimate the effect of the missing terms of O(v^2/MS^2).


  • The interface for adding constraints and matching conditions to the Two_scale_solver class has been simplified. Constrains and matching conditions are now added using the add() function. The added constraints and matching conditions are imposed in the given order.

    Example: To first impose the low-scale, then the high-scale and finally the susy-scale constraint call:

    solver.add(&low_scale_constraint, &model);
    solver.add(&high_scale_constraint, &model);
    solver.add(&susy_scale_constraint, &model);
  • The readability of the vertices and the self-energies has been improved by using the SUM() and IF() macros.

  • In FlexibleEFTHiggs models, the Standard Model parameters are written to the SLHA output in addition to the BSM parameters.

  • The return value of FS<model>CalculateSpectrum[] and FS<model>CalculateObservables[] has been changed. They have now the structure:

    { <model> -> { model parameters ... } }

    In FlexibleEFTHiggs models, the Standard Model parameters are returned in addition and the output has the form:

    { <model> -> { model parameters ... },
      StandardModel -> { ... } }
  • In multi-threading mode pole masses are calculated using a thread pool instead of spawning threads manually. This avoids over subscription on machines with very few CPU cores.

  • The performance of FlexibleEFTHiggs has been improved by around 20% by using a faster implementation of the B1 loop function in the limit of vanishing momentum and non-zero masses.

  • [commit b5cad9e]: Automatically chose the maximum number of EWSB and pole mass iterations based on the user-defined precision goal. This change leads to a performance improvement for some parameter points where the EWSB equations cannot be fulfilled.

  • The legacy module and most SOFTSUSY components have been removed.

  • All gauge couplings written to the GAUGE block in the SLHA output are now unnormalized. Before, only the hypercharge gauge coupling was written as unnormalized in the GAUGE block. Note: Internally, FlexibleSUSY uses normalized gauge couplings only. In order to write the normalized gauge couplings to the SLHA output, a separate output block should be created.


    ExtraSLHAOutputBlocks = {
       {GAUGENORM, (* contains normalized gauge couplings *)
               {{1, g1},
                {2, g2},
                {3, g3},
                {4, gN} } }
  • [commit 9bfd5f1]: tan(beta)-enhanced contributions to the down-lepton Yukawa couplings are now resummed.

  • [commit 52faaa7]: The symbol SUSYScaleMatching has been renamed to MatchingScaleInput, to express that it is imposed at the matching scale, which is in general not equal to the SUSYScale.

  • Update to GM2Calc 1.3.3.

Fixed bugs

  • [commits be8f35b, 3432967]: Improve the stability of the algorithm which solves the EWSB conditions. The more stable algorithm leads to a faster convergece of the overall iteration in scenarios where the EWSB conditions don't have a solution or the solution is hard to find.

    Thanks to Peter Athron and Pat Scott.

  • [commit 0cb4042]: Matrix products of the form A*B in the boundary conditions are now interpreted as element-wise products (as in Mathematica). For genuine matrix products use MatMul[A,B] or A.B.

  • [commits 9738ba1, 118a9a70]: Catch potential numerical instabilities during mass matrix diagonalization, which may result in eigenvectors with magnitude larger than 1.

FlexibleSUSY-1.7.5 [September, 05 2017]

  • Bugfix [commit 03e9265]: Correcting wrong vertex between chargino-smuon-neutrino and chargino-muon-sneutrino in muon decay. Thanks to Markus Bach.
  • Bugfix [commit f3f3850]: Correcting coefficient in complex dilogarithm.
  • Bugfix [commit d8d8c0c]: Make LibraryLink Set[] functions accept matrix-valued parameters.
  • Bugfix [commit 072be7e]: Enable 3-loop RGEs in HSSUSY by default.

FlexibleSUSY-1.7.4 [April, 12 2017]

  • Bugfix [commit f434e30]: Rename internal IndexSum symbol which conflicts with SARAH version 4.11.0 and higher.
  • Bugfix [commit b8d5dcf]: Correcting gauge-dependent term in 2-loop beta function of SM vacuum expectation value after a corresponding bugfix in SARAH 4.11.0. This bugfix affects the Higgs mass prediction with FlexibleEFTHiggs by around 10 MeV.

FlexibleSUSY-1.7.3 [February, 27 2017]

  • Change [commit 43bb03a]: FlexibleSUSY now aborts the code generation if the user tries to fix an unknown parameter in a constraint. (Before this commit, FlexibleSUSY did only print a warning.)

  • Change [commit cff40dd]: Catch non-numeric user input to the LibraryLink interface functions.

  • Bugfix [commit 4a5ada7]: Adding missing return statement in function recalculate_mw_pole(). This bug was only present if the W pole mass is used as input (not GF).

  • Bugfix [commit bd5ee68]: Correctly handle whitespace in directory names inside the configure script and search for headers in $CPATH and $CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH .

    Thanks to Joshua Ellis.

  • Bugfix [commit bc770ae]: Ensure that phase of (complex) mu parameter has magnitude 1 in the CMSSMCPV. Thanks to Jobst Ziebell.

  • Bugfix [commit beb4683]: Accept SLHA output blocks specified as strings (not symbols). Thanks to Joshua Ellis.

  • Bugfix: Implement missing limits of threshold correction functions from arXiv:1407.4081.

  • Bugfix [commit 581080f]: Catch further NaNs from inside the MSSM 2L Higgs mass routines of Pietro Slavich.

FlexibleSUSY-1.7.2 [December, 15 2016]

  • Feature [commit b052e35]: New flag FlexibleSUSY[23] to disable the pole mass calculation of the non-SM particles. This flag is useful in FlexibleEFTHiggs, when the SUSY scale is so high that the non-SM particle masses become unreliable or tachyonic: If a non-SM pole mass becomes tachyonic (maybe because the loop corrections become too large) FlexibleSUSY would flag the given parameter point as unphysical. However, one might still be interested in the value of the SM-like Higgs mass, which is valid in FlexibleEFTHiggs even for very large SUSY scales. In such a case FlexibleSUSY[23] could be set to 0 to suppress the calculation of the non-SM pole masses.
  • Feature [commit 998f11e]: Slightly improved speed of the RG running.
  • Change [commit 189f508]: Speed-up the calculation of the 2L Higgs mass corrections in the MSSM and NMSSM, if multi-threading is used, by locking the mutex only for the O(αt αt) corrections.
  • Change: The limits sin(2 theta) = 0 and m_stop1 = m_stop2 have been implemented for the 2L O(αt αs) Higgs pole mass corrections in the MSSM to avoid numeric instabilities.
  • Bugfix [commit 20f169f]: Re-calculate W pole mass in FlexibleEFTHiggs. Before this commit the electroweak gauge couplings in FlexibleEFTHiggs are wrong in scenarios with very small αem(MZ) (< 1/1000) and/or a small Z pole mass (< 10 GeV).
  • Bugfix [commit 38d17ca]: More reliable convergence criterion for FlexibleEFTHiggs for large SUSY scales. Before this commit, only the running BSM masses (at the SUSY scale) have been used as convergence criterion. However, they tend to converge very fast, compared to the running SM masses at the electroweak scale. For a more reliable convergence criterion, now both the running BSM and SM masses are used.
  • Bugfix [commits 5e1b6b3, cc5bfae]: Correction of the 2-loop and 3-loop QCD corrections to the top pole mass in the Standard Model in the MS-bar scheme. Refs. [hep-ph/9803493, hep-ph/9912391, hep-ph/9911434] have expressed the relation between the top pole mass and the MS-bar mass in terms of Log[Q^2/Mt^2], where Mt is the top pole mass. Before these commits, FlexibleSUSY used the expressions from theses references, but wrote result in terms of Log[Q^2/mt^2], where mt is the MS-bar mass, while not accounting for the difference between Mt and mt in the logarithms. This bugfix affects the Higgs pole mass at the 3-loop level.
  • Bugfix [commit cecff4b]: Flag scalar or vector boson gauge singlet tachyons.
  • Bugfix [commit 4a3fb5b]: Input tan(beta) at the SUSY scale, instead of at the matching scale in the FlexibleEFTHiggs model files. This difference matters when the (unphysical) matching scale is varied through FlexibleSUSY[19].
  • Bugfix [commit c35dcb2]: Fixed linking problem of the LibraryLink on Mac.
  • Bugfix [commits a643be5, cc9ebf1]: Avoid function call ambiguities when multiple LibraryLink libraries are loaded into Mathematica at the same time.
  • Bugfix [commit 1f8e135]: Correcting FS<model>Set[] function for models with matrix-valued parameters.
  • Bugfix [commit 4097708]: The generated LibraryLink files are now added to the model tarball created by make pack-<model>-src.

FlexibleSUSY-1.7.1 [October, 15 2016]

  • Change [commit b1efa8c]: Updated to GM2Calc 1.3.0.

  • Change [commit 05d8e11]: The loop order of the BSM top Yukawa coupling at the scale M_SUSY in FlexibleEFTHiggs is now set automatically to match the loop order of the matching condition from the SM to the BSM model.

    Before this commit, the user had to set FlexibleEFTHiggs[13] = 0 and FlexibleEFTHiggs[20] = 1 when yt(BSM) should be calculated using 1L QCD corrections. Analogous, the user had to set FlexibleEFTHiggs[13] = 1 and FlexibleEFTHiggs[20] = 2 when yt(BSM) should be calculated using 2L QCD corrections. Now, FlexibleEFTHiggs[13] is set automatically to FlexibleEFTHiggs[20] - 1 when yt(BSM) is calculated in FlexibleEFTHiggs.

  • Change [commit b533d67]: Faster calculation of effective vertices h -> photon photon and h -> gluon gluon.

  • Bugfix [commit 8b04191]: Improve numerical stability of low-scale iteration which determines the SM(5) parameters by using a higher RG running precision than the precision goal for the convergence.

  • Bugfix [commit 44d2f01]: Print SLHA output even if QedQcd class throws an exception.

FlexibleSUSY-1.7.0 [September, 19 2016]

  • Feature: FlexibleSUSY is now able to generate custom spectrum generators using the FlexibleEFTHiggs method described in [arXiv:1609.00371]. The following FlexibleEFTHiggs example models are provided: CMSSMEFTHiggs, MSSMEFTHiggs, MSSMNoFVEFTHiggs, NMSSMEFTHiggs, NUHMSSMaltEFTHiggs, MRSSMEFTHiggs, E6SSMEFTHiggs. A documentation of the new model file options to create a custom FlexibleEFTHiggs spectrum generator can be found in doc/html/FlexibleEFTHiggs.html .

  • Feature: FlexibleSUSY now provides a Mathematica interface for the generated spectrum generators. For each model, an example Mathematica script


    is generated, which illustrates the usage. The documentation of the Mathematica interface and several examples can be found in FlexibleSUSY's HTML documentation. Please see the section "Creating the soucre code documentation" in the README file for a description about how to generate the documentation.

  • Change: The configure options for creating dynamic libraries and statically linked executable have been changed. By default, static FlexibleSUSY libraries and dynamically linked executables are created.

    To generate shared FlexibleSUSY libraries, run:

    ./configure --enable-shared-libs ...

    To generate statically linked executables, run:

    ./configure --enable-static ...

    Please refer to the README file for more information.

  • Bugfix [commit 39f8d36]: Fix segfault when multi-threading is used in statically linked executables.

  • Bugfix [commit 3126ac1]: Catch NaNs from inside the MSSM 2L Higgs mass routines of Pietro Slavich.

  • Bugfix [commit b6db614]: Correcting 2-loop self energy O(αt^2) in the Standard Model. Before, Eq. (20) of 1205.6497 has been used. However, this is incorrect, because it includes 2-loop contributions from the momentum iteration of the 1-loop self energy, which would be double counted, because FlexibleSUSY already does a momentum iteration of the 1-loop self energy. To fix this, Eq. (20) of 1504.05200 has been used, which does not include these 2-loop pieces.

FlexibleSUSY-1.6.1 [August, 28 2016]

  • Bugfix [commit db67c81]: Fix compilation with --disable-threads .

FlexibleSUSY-1.6.0 [August, 27 2016]

  • Feature [commit 4e9ef56]: Allow user to access the beta-functions of the model parameters on the r.h.s. of the constraints. BETA[p] represents the beta function of the parameter p using the loop level given in the SLHA input. BETA[l,p] represents the l-loop beta function of the parameter p.

    Example in the SM:

    HighScaleInput = {
        {\[Lambda], BETA[g1] + BETA[g2] + BETA[1,Yu][3,3]}
  • Feature [commit 5e0bca1]: Allow user to add 3-loop QCD corrections of hep-ph/9912391 when calculating the top pole mass in non-SUSY models. The 3-loop QCD corrections are added if the flag FlexibleSUSY[13] is set to 2 and the pole mass loop order, FlexibleSUSY[4], is set to a value > 2.

    • FlexibleSUSY[13] = 0 and FlexibleSUSY[4] > 0: 1L QCD correction
    • FlexibleSUSY[13] = 1 and FlexibleSUSY[4] > 1: 2L QCD correction
    • FlexibleSUSY[13] = 2 and FlexibleSUSY[4] > 2: 3L QCD correction
  • Feature [commits 98bc536, e8fd56a]: Speed up of the RG running in models with very complicated beta functions.

  • Change [commit 728b5ea]: make clean no longer removes generated source files to avoid the need to re-generate them. To remove the generated files use either:

    make clean-<model>-src # deletes generated files for <model>


    make clean-generated   # deletes all generated files
  • Bugfix [commit a5342eb]: Avoid non-portable use of sed in createmodel. This fixes make install-src on Mac.

  • Bugfix [commit 44b31fa]: Fix potential race condition when different model classes that make use of the (N)MSSM 2-loop Higgs mass routines of P. Slavich call calculate_spectrum() at the same time.

  • Bugfix [commit 0d08b99]: Do not try to generate non-squared unit matrices for beta function expressions that must be splitted. Non-squared unit matrices did appear for non-squared matrix-valued parameters, as for example T[hE] in the SE6SSM.

    Thanks to Dylan Harries.

FlexibleSUSY-1.5.1 [July, 12 2016]

  • Bugfix [commit 63f5361]: Fix numerical instability of SOFTSUSY's B1 function in parameter regions with p << m1,m2 and m1 close to m2.
  • Bugfix [commit fc6d509]: Fix makefile bug in the tarball by shipping all .m files that appear in the list of dependencies for the generated C++ code.

FlexibleSUSY-1.5.0 [June, 29 2016]

  • Feature: Write phases to SLHA output if a SLHA output block is defined for them in the SARAH model file. Thanks to Dylan Harries.
  • Feature: Allow the user to calculate the pole masses at a fixed renormalisation scale at run-time, which is different from the one set by the SUSYScale model file variable. The fixed renormalisation scale can be given via the FlexibleSUSY[17] entry in the SLHA input. FlexibleSUSY[17] is equivalent to SPhenoInput[33] in SPheno.
  • Feature: Updated to GM2Calc 1.2.0.
  • Bugfix [commit 9a2d576]: Fix compilation error due to ambiguous overload of operator<< . Thanks to Dylan Harries.
  • Bugfix [commits fc748be, 9654a52]: Fix compilation in case Greek Symbols appear in If[] or Which[] functions in the model file. Thanks to Dylan Harries.
  • Bugfix: Fix compilation with g++ 4.4.7. Thanks to Dylan Harries.
  • Bugfix [commit 6f5e38e]: Correcting convergence criterion in the iteration which determines the 1st and 2nd generation running fermion masses in the SM(5) at the low-energy scale. After this correction, the running 1st and 2nd generation SM(5) fermion masses differ from SOFTSUSY by less than 0.5% at the electroweak scale.

FlexibleSUSY-1.4.2 [May, 09 2016]

  • Bugfix: Correcting handling of spaces in configure script if /bin/sh is /bin/dash.

FlexibleSUSY-1.4.1 [May, 09 2016]

  • Feature: Tab-completion for FlexibleSUSY's spectrum generators and scripts in the bash.


    . utils/install-bash_completions.bash
  • Feature: For each model an example SLHA input file is generated, which is located at models/<model>/<model>_generated

  • Feature [commit 2b95522]: Allow user to provide specific location to libpthread using the --with-pthread-libdir= option.

  • Change: The algorithm to determine the running fermion masses and gauge couplings has been replaced by a more secure one. The new algorithm performs an iteration between 2 GeV and MZ to fix all input parameters at their scale. The new algorithm leads to running 1st and 2nd generation quark masses, which differ from SOFTSUSY by around 3%.

  • Bugfix [commit 59b867d]: Avoid singularity in the limit MSU^2 / M3^2 -> MSQ^2 / M3^2 in HSSUSY.

  • Bugfix [commit f3864b8]: Catch exception from SOFTSUSY's QedQcd class which are triggered when the input value of Mt_pole is chosen to be smaller than MZ_pole.

  • Bugfix [commit 077c5b9]: Fixing check for SARAH installation with Mathematica 10.

  • Bugfix [commit e9954d6]: Fixing numerical instability of SOFTSUSY's B0 and B22 functions for very heavy spectra and external small momenta.

  • Bugfix [commits bcb99bc - 8b5d87e]: Fixing compilation error for models which don't have input parameters.

  • Bugfix [commits 637d099, 8b3a94f, 2e3a972]: Fixing make install-src in case the path to the FlexibleSUSY contains spaces.

  • Bugfix [commits ced2072, 8bc8fdd]: Adding support for further debian-based multi-architecture linux distributions in the configure script.

FlexibleSUSY-1.4.0 [March, 08 2016]

  • Feature: Allow the user to chose the loop order of the RGEs to be generated by SARAH. This is useful in pure low-energy models, where no RGE running is needed, or in very complex models, where the generation of the RGEs takes a very long time.

    The RGE loop order can be set in the model file using the FSRGELoopOrder variable.


    FSRGELoopOrder = 0; (* no RGEs generated *)
    FSRGELoopOrder = 1; (* only 1-loop RGEs generated *)
    FSRGELoopOrder = 2; (* 1- and 2-loop RGEs generated (default) *)

    Note: The RGE loop order can also be specified at run-time in the SLHA input block FlexibleSUSY[6].

  • Feature: FlexibleSUSY no longer requires that the weak mixing angle and potential Z-Z' mixing angles are provided in terms of Lagrangian density parameters (gauge couplings etc.). Instead, FlexibleSUSY makes use of the DependenceSPheno specification given in the SARAH model file to calculate these mixing angles numerically. In this way the effect of gauge boson mixings in models with extended gauge groups can be taken into account automatically.

    Note: If the weak mixing angle is to be fixed at the low-energy scale by the running W and Z masses (see FSWeakMixingAngleOptions option) in order to determine the electroweak gauge couplings, then an expression for it has to be given in either DependenceNum or FSWeakMixingAngleExpr .

    Example for the MRSSM:

    (* determine weak mixing angle from W and Z masses *)
    FSWeakMixingAngleOptions = FSSetOption[
        FSWeakMixingAngleInput -> FSMassW
    (* need to provide expression for weak mixing angle *)
    FSWeakMixingAngleOptions = FSSetOption[
        FSWeakMixingAngleExpr  -> ArcSin[Sqrt[1 - (Mass[VWm]^2 - g2^2*vT^2)/Mass[VZ]^2]]

    Important note: In the SARAH model file a mass ordering of the vector bosons is assumed. For example, the statement

    DEFINITION[EWSB][GaugeSector] = {
        {{VB,VWB[3],VBp}, {VP,VZ,VZp}, ZZ},

    assumes MVP < MZ < MZp. Thus, the user has to make sure that the studied parameter region leads to Photon, Z and Z' masses which are in agreement with the relation MVP < MZ < MZp. Otherwise, the calculated Z and Z' masses will be incorrect. If a parameter region shall be studied where MVP < MZp < MZ, then the ordering of vector bosons in the SARAH model file has to be changed to

    DEFINITION[EWSB][GaugeSector] = {
        {{VB,VWB[3],VBp}, {VP,VZp,VZ}, ZZ},
  • Feature: By setting the entry FlexibleSUSY[16] = 1 in the SLHA input file, the user can force majorana fermion masses to be positive. In this case, the corresponding mixing matrix is not purely real and its imaginary part will be written to the output in addition. Note, that setting FlexibleSUSY[16] = 1 is therefore a violation of the SLHA standard.

  • Feature: FlexibleSUSY calculates the effective 1-loop couplings of the CP-even and CP-odd Higgs -> photon + photon and Higgs -> gluon + gluon. Author: Dylan Harries

    For each model the <model>_effective_couplings class is generated and can be used at the C++ level to calculate the effective couplings. In order to write the effective couplings to the SLHA output, extra SLHA output blocks have to defined in the FlexibleSUSY model file, which contain the symbols



    Definition of an extra SLHA output block named EFFHIGGSCOUPLINGS, containing the effective 1-loop CP-even and CP-odd Higgs -> photon + photon and Higgs -> gluon + gluon couplings:

    ExtraSLHAOutputBlocks = {
               {{1, FlexibleSUSYObservable``CpHiggsPhotonPhoton},
                {2, FlexibleSUSYObservable``CpHiggsGluonGluon},
                {3, FlexibleSUSYObservable``CpPseudoScalarPhotonPhoton},
                {4, FlexibleSUSYObservable``CpPseudoScalarGluonGluon} } }

    The calculation of the effective couplings can be disabled (or enabled) by setting the flag FlexibleSUSY[15] to 0 (or 1) in the SLHA input file.

  • Feature: Allow the user to temporarily re-define model parameters in the boundary conditions, which are restored to their original values after the calculations in the boundary condition has been finished.

    Example: Temporarily scale the gauge coupling g1 by a factor 1/2 and set the up-quark Yukawa coupling to zero:

    LowScaleInput = {
       {FSTemporary[g1], g1 / 2},
       {FSTemporary[Yu[1,1]], 0},
  • Feature: The three THDM-like models, which have been used in 1512.07761, are provided. The models implement the 1- and 2-loop threshold corrections of 1508.00576 and hep-ph/9307201. The models are named:

    • THDMIIMSSMBC (THDM with boundary condition to the MSSM)
    • HTHDMIIMSSMBC (THDM + Higgsinos with boundary condition to the
    • HGTHDMIIMSSMBC (THDM + Higgsinos + gauginos with boundary
      condition to the MSSM)
  • Feature: In non-SUSY models the 3-loop (Standard Model) QCD corrections to the MS-bar Yukawa coupling of the order O(αs^3) [hep-ph/9911434, hep-ph/9912391] are added automatically. They are taken into account at run-time if the threshold correction loop (FlexibleSUSY[7]) order is set to a value > 2 in the SLHA input file.

    The generation of 3-loop QCD corrections can be disabled by setting in the model file

    UseYukawa3LoopQCD = False;
  • Change [commit f2f913e, 002c904]: When threshold corrections are disabled, the charged lepton and top quark pole masses are used to determine the corresponding Yukawa couplings. Before commit f2f913e, the running Standard Model masses were used. This change makes it easier to compare the mass spectrum with SPheno when threshold corrections are disabled.

  • Change [commit 1c7e4a7]: The 2-loop QCD contribution to the top Yukawa coupling [hep-ph/0210258 Eq. (60)-(61), hep-ph/9803493 Eq. (17)] is taken into account only if the threshold correction loop order (flag FlexibleSUSY[7]) is set to a value > 1. Before commit 1c7e4a7 the 2-loop QCD contribution was always taken into account and could not be disabled. This change allows the user to consistently disable 2-loop contributions.

  • Bugfix [commit f7ff872]: Support models which have couplings proportional to the epsilon tensor in color space.

  • Bugfix [commit 8c1ca39]: Enabling support to use LowEnergyConstant[MZ] as scale for the susy-scale contraint. LowEnergyConstant[MZ] will be replaced in the C++ code by the user-defined SLHA input value of the Z pole mass.


    SUSYScale = LowEnergyConstant[MZ];
  • Bugfix [commit 0a7934e]: Fix compilation error in models in which a multiplet exists, which consists only of Goldstone bosons.

  • Bugfix [commit a87042f]: Rename enum entries for matrices to prevent compilation errors in models which have mixing matrices larger than 10x10.

  • Bugfix [commit 61fb1ca]: Fix compilation errors in models which don't contain SM-like neutrinos.

  • Bugfix [commit 919347d]: Correcting the phase of Dirac fermion singlets if their mass is less than zero: Before commit 919347d, the phase of Dirac fermion singlets was set to e^(i Pi/2) if their mass is less than zero, which is wrong, because in SARAH only one Weyl component of the Dirac spinor receives a phase. After this commit, the phase of Dirac fermion singlets is set to e^(i Pi) if their mass is less than zero.

  • Bugfix [commits 060b492, a6f7741, 306385b]: Implement massless limits in C0, D0 and D27 functions.

  • Bugfix [commits d62886d]: Ensure that only Standard Model goldstone bosons are removed to obtain "heavy" W and Z self-energies.

  • Bugfix [commits 60d68af]: Fix compilation error in models where the left-handed electron and neutrino mass matrices are of equal size, but larger than 3x3.

FlexibleSUSY-1.3.2 [January, 10 2016]

  • Bugfix [commit d76ca79]: Fix compilation error with Eigen 3.3-beta1.

FlexibleSUSY-1.3.1 [January, 08 2016]

  • Bugfix [commit aa8dc76]: Re-enable the output of gauge eigenstate masses of 1st and 2nd generation sfermions in the CMSSMNoFV for SLHA-1 compatibility.

FlexibleSUSY-1.3.0 [January, 08 2016]

  • Feature: The output of the spectrum generator can be written into an SQLite database using the --database-output-file= option. At the C++ level, a to_database() and from_database() function is provided for each model, which write/read a model object (including the DR-bar parameters and the pole mass spectrum) to/from a database file.


    models/CMSSM/run_CMSSM.x \
      --slha-input-file=model_files/CMSSM/ \
      --slha-output-file= --database-output-file=point.db

    Example using the scan script:

    utils/ \
      --spectrum-generator=models/CMSSM/run_CMSSM.x \
      --slha-input-file=model_files/CMSSM/ \
      --scan-range=MINPAR[3]=1~30:21 \
  • Feature: Models can now be matched to the Standard Model at Q = MZ_pole, Q = MT_pole or any other dynamically calculated scale, as MT_DRbar for example. To match at MZ_pole set in the model file: LowScale = LowEnergyConstant[MZ]. To match at MT_pole set in the model file: LowScale = LowEnergyConstant[MT]. To match at MT_DRbar set in the model file: LowScale = M[Fu[3]], depending on your chosen name for the top quark.

  • Feature: 3-loop beta-functions can now be used in the real MSSM. To enable the 3-loop MSSM beta-functions, set UseMSSM3LoopRGEs = True; in the model file (enabled by default in all real MSSM models that are shipped with FlexibleSUSY). The expressions have been obtained from and include family mixing.

    Note: The 3-loop beta-functions for the vacuum expectation values vu and vd are not available so far. Furthermore, the 3-loop MSSM beta-functions miss the "tadpole" contributions corresponding to the renormalisation of the Fayet-Iliopoulos D-term, see the note in Section 2, page 4 of hep-ph/0308231.

  • Feature: The anomalous magnetic moment of the muon, (g-2)/2, can be calculated in all MSSM models without sfermion flavour violation (e.g. the MSSMNoFV and CMSSMNoFV). The calculation is performed with GM2Calc 1.1.0 [arXiv:1510.08071] up to the 2-loop level including tan(beta) resummation.

    In order to enable the calculation of (g-2)/2, the symbols


    have to be added to ExtraSLHAOutputBlocks variable in the FlexibleSUSY model file (they are already added in the MSSMNoFV and CMSSMNoFV example models). In addition, the SLHA input file entry FlexibleSUSY[15] has to be set to 1 to perform the calculation. If FlexibleSUSY[15] is set to 0, (g-2)/2 is not calculated.

  • Change [commit d553af8]: No SLHA output is written if the option --slha-output-file= is set to the empty string. To write the SLHA output to stdout, set --slha-output-file=- (this is the default).

  • Change [commit ac70fec]: In the SM the Higgs pole mass is no longer calculated at the scale Qin (= the scale where lambda is input), but at the scale Q = M_top.

  • Bugfix [commit 1b4fc20]: Correcting W contribution in beta-function of α_em in the SM with 5 active quark flavours. Imported from SOFTSUSY [commit 0139daa).

  • Bugfix [commit d7dbeb6]: Adding neutrino charge, Qv, to list of input parameters in the UMSSM. This fixes a compilation error with SARAH 4.6.0.

  • Bugfix [commit f1752a7]: Correcting the trilinear couplings and the effective mu parameter in the NMSSMRUN SLHA output block in the models: NMSSM, NMSSMCPV, NUTNMSSM, SMSSM and NUTSMSSM.

  • Bugfix [commit 9ccdb4d]: Workaround a SARAH issue where the list SARAH``Masses[EWSB] contains replacement rules of the form 0 -> MassGiven[X], instead of Mass[X] -> MassGiven[X]. Due to this issue some massless particles have been missing in FlexibleSUSY before commit 9ccdb4d.

FlexibleSUSY-1.2.4 [October, 27 2015]

  • Change [commit 33af37c]: The spectrum generator, run_<model>.x, will no longer overwrite the user-given input parameters of the SMINPUTS block.
  • Bugfix [commit 9067f3a]: There was an internal programming error in the meta code concerning the assignment of tadpole diagrams to the Higgs fields, which resulted in a compilation error in the SSM. Thanks to John McDowall.
  • Bugfix [commit 77d2a86]: Ensure that in the calculation of the pole mass of a fermion singlet the prefactor of the self-energies is the positive tree-level mass. Before commit ce1ef83, the prefactor of the gluino self-energies in MSSM for example was the soft-breaking parameter M3. If M3 < 0 the gluino pole mass was not calculated correctly. Thanks to Dylan Harries and Roman Nevzorov.

FlexibleSUSY-1.2.3 [October, 18 2015]

  • Feature: Adding support for If[] and Which[] statements at the r.h.s. of contraints. In addition, the IsClose[a,b,eps] and IsCloseRel[a,b,eps] functions have been added to allow for a comparison of parameters.
  • Feature: New model SplitMSSM, which implements low-energy EFT of the MSSM where the sfermions and one Higgs doublet have been integrated out. The model implements the 1- and 2-loop matching conditions from 1407.4081. The Higgs pole mass is calculated at complete 1-loop order plus 2-loop contributions O(αt^2) and O(αt αs) from 1205.6497 plus 3-loop leading-log contribution from the gluino O(αt αs^2) 1312.5220.
  • Feature: New model HSSUSY, which implements a high-scale SUSY scenario, where the sfermions, the gauginos, the Higgsinos and one Higgs doublet have been integrated out, leaving the Standard Model as low-energy EFT. The model uses the 3-loop Standard Model RGEs [1303.4364, 1307.3536] and implements the 1- and 2-loop matching conditions to lambda(MSUSY) from 1407.4081. Furthermore, the 1-loop matching conditions O(αb) and O(ατ) as well as the 2-loop matching condition O(αt^2) from SUSYHD 1504.05200 are implemented. The Higgs pole mass is calculated at complete 1-loop order plus 2-loop contributions O(αt^2) and O(αt αs) from 1205.6497. The calculation of the Higgs pole mass in the HSSUSY model coincides with the one obtained with SUSYHD 1.0.2 with a relative deviation of < 0.06%.
  • Feature: Allow adding 3-loop gluino contribution to Higgs self-energy in split-SUSY models with a physical singlet Higgs. The 3-loop gluino contribution is enabled by default in the SplitMSSM.
  • Change [commit f7cd242]: The test and examples modules are no longer loaded into the makefile by default. To load them, run ./configure --with-optional-modules="test,examples"
  • Change [commit e86d23a]: The FlexibleSUSY test suite is no longer shipped with the release tarball. It can be obtained from the official git repository at .
  • Change [commit 372bb96]: Use FlexibleSUSY's own dependency file generator instead of using the corresponding compiler capabilities.
  • Bugfix [commit 20e88db]: Use correct self-energy for 1st and 2nd generation charged leptons in *NoFV models. Before commit 20e88db, the (heavy) tau self-energy was used to convert the running MS-bar electron and muon masses to DR-bar masses in *NoFV models. Corresponding test case: test_CMSSMNoFV_low_scale_constraint::test_delta_Yf()

FlexibleSUSY-1.2.2 [September, 08 2015]

  • Feature: The scale at which the EWSB output parameters are fixed can now be chosen by the user via the FSSolveEWSBFor[{...}] symbol. By default, the susy-scale is chosen.
  • Change [commit 5b9d653]: If ./configure is run without the --with-models=<models> argument, no models will be build. In former FlexibleSUSY versions if the --with-models=<models> argument was missing, all models were build.
  • Bugfix [commit 5530bf9]: Defining a scale to be a running mass, for example SUSYScale = M[hh], resulted in a compilation error.
  • Bugfix [commits 2d6c0d2, 87cfe28]: use SLHA input value of the Z pole mass as low-energy scale, instead of the hard-coded value MZ = 91.1876 GeV.
  • Bugfix [commit 1ac0aa0]: Use math/physics index convention (index starting with 1) in the comments of the extra user-defined SLHA output blocks.
  • Bugfix [commit 0737c4d]: Properly convert greek symbols in function arguments. Fixes #5. Thanks to Dylan Harries.
  • Bugfix [commit f4eed5d]: Put class Complex into softsusy namespace to avoid ambiguities in operator*(). Fixes #6. Thanks to Dylan Harries.

FlexibleSUSY-1.2.1 [July, 07 2015]

  • Feature: The model name is printed in SPINFO[5] and the SARAH version is printed in SPINFO[9].
  • Bugfix (fea4d59]: The MODSEL block was not read if SLHA input is passed to the spectrum generator via stdin. Thanks to Peter Drechsel.

FlexibleSUSY-1.2.0 [June, 26 2015]

  • Feature: Allow the user to add 3-loop beta-functions in the SM. The beta-functions are taken from SUSYHD v1.0.1 (arXiv:1504.05200) and 1303.4364.

  • Feature: Allow the user to add 2-loop Higgs self-energy corrections O(αt^2 + αt αs) in the SM. The self-energy corrections were taken from 1205.6497.

  • Feature: Allow the user to provide SLHA input via stdin if the SLHA input file name is set to - .


    cat model_files/CMSSM/ | \
       models/CMSSM/run_CMSSM.x --slha-input-file=-
  • Feature: Allow the user create standalone executables that don't depend on dynamically linked libraries. See README for more details.

  • Bugfix [commit 3843ea7]: Rewrite pole mass tachyon check to fix a confusion between goldstone and Higgs bosons in the CP-violating MSSM.

  • Bugfix [commit e2009f7]: Adding missing declaration of input parameters in the generated DependenceNum functions. This fixes a compilation error in the NE6SSM or the UMSSM if ThetaWp is set to an expression that involves the charges.

  • Bugfix [commits d80c30f, e6c8dda]: Correcting input scale of tan(beta) in the lowNMSSM according to SLHA-2 convention. The model file lowNMSSMTanBetaAtMZ has been added, where tan(beta) is input at MZ.

FlexibleSUSY-1.1.1 [June, 08 2015]

  • Bugfix [commit e1ea433]: Catch NaNs from Slavich's NMSSM 2-loop self-energies.

FlexibleSUSY-1.1.0 [May, 31 2015]

  • Feature: Calculation of DR-bar weak mixing angle from Fermi constant and Z pole mass. The implementation is based on expressions from SOFTSUSY and works for the SM, MSSM, NMSSM and their variants. The method for the calculation of the weak mixing angle can be selected via the FSWeakMixingAngleInput variable in the FlexibleSUSY model file.


    FSWeakMixingAngleInput = FSFermiConstant; (* or FSMassW *)

    Note: To achieve the maximum accuracy available, set the threshold corrections loop order to 2 (FlexibleSUSY block entry 7)

  • Feature: Support for non-SUSY models, renormalized in the MS-bar scheme.

  • Feature: 2-loop QCD corrections can be added when calculating the top pole mass from the top DR-bar mass. These 2-loop contributions can be enabled/disabled using entries 13 or 4 of the FlexibleSUSY block in the SLHA input file.

  • Feature: In the shipped FlexibleSUSY model files, the corresponding default SARAH model file is specified. This allows a user to create a new model with the simplified command:

    ./createmodel --name=CMSSM

    The default SARAH model file to be used with a given FlexibleSUSY model file can be set via FSDefaultSARAHModel = <model>

  • Feature: Complex model parameters are now supported.

  • Feature: The CKM and PMNS matrix can now be used as low-energy inputs. They are read from the VCKMIN and UPMNSIN input blocks, respectively. Linked to this, the new model file CMSSMCKM was added to demonstrate the input of the CKM matrix at low energies.

  • Feature: Mark parameter points as invalid, for which the calculation of one of the pole masses failed due to non-convergence.

  • Feature: New (non-templated) intermediate model class <model>_mass_eigenstates, which is able to calculate the pole and running mass spectrum. <model>_mass_eigenstates is derived from <model>_soft_parameters. The templated model class <model><Two_scale> is now derived from <model>_mass_eigenstates .

  • Bugfix [commit 6da2cbd, 8113e32a]: ensure that the MSSM-like CP-odd Higgs mass is used in the two-loop Higgs self-energies and tadpoles. Before, there were cases where a Goldstone boson mass or a singlet-like pseudoscalar mass was used.

  • Bugfix [commit 29a0833]: incorporate tadpole contributions in pole masses of singlets

  • Bugfix [commit c64a333]: Softsusy's B1 function is now thread-save. Before commit c64a333, the τ pole mass was varying due to a race condition, if multi-threading is enabled and neither fflite nor looptoos is used.

  • Bugfix [commit d035544]: Ignore trivial EWSB eqs. Makes the MRSSM work in FlexibleSUSY with SARAH 4.5.x.

  • Bugfix [commit d8a1521]: The SM() preprocessor macro has been renamed to LowEnergyConstant() in order to avoid collisions with the copy constructor of the SM model class.

  • Bugfix [commit 0c7a7ac]: chop beta-function values smaller than the zero-threshold to avoid failures of the RK integrator. The zero-threshold is 1e-11 by default and can be changed via Beta_function::set_zero_threshold() or entry 14 in the SLHA input file.

  • Bugfix [commit 29a1578]: Ignore goldstone boson "pole mass" tachyons.

FlexibleSUSY-1.0.4 [January, 15 2015]

  • Add new user example program run_cmd_line_<model>.x to run a parameter point using command line parameters instead of an SLHA input file.
  • Allow input parameters in first guesses of scale definitions, for example SUSYScaleFirstGuess = Sqrt[Sqrt[LHInput[mq2[3,3]] * LHInput[mu2[3,3]]]]
  • Adding support for FlexibleSUSY addons. They are placed inside the addons/ directory and can be configued and compiled via ./configure --with-addons=<addon> && make
  • Adding EWSB solvers using a fixed-point iteration (FPIRelative, FPIAbsolute, FPITadpole). FPIRelative is now the first default solver used. Thanks to Dylan Harries.
  • Adding new NMSSM model file NUTNMSSM with non-universal soft Higgs masses (EWSB output) and non-universal trilinear couplings A_lambda and A_kappa at MX.
  • Read user input W boson pole mass form SMINPUTS block entry 9.
  • Read user input Z boson pole mass from SMINPUTS block entry 4.
  • Automatic check for non-perturbative dimensionless model parameters at the high-scale. The check can be disabled by stetting FSCheckPerturbativityOfDimensionlessParameters = False in the model file. The threshold can be set via the FSPerturbativityThreshold variable. The default threshold is N[Sqrt[4 Pi]] = 3.54491.
  • Check for tree-level tachyons at each scale (MZ and M_SUSY)
  • Allow to force SLHA output for unphysical points (for example where tachyons exist) in FlexibleSUSY block, entry 12.
  • Bugfix [commit 6f7d3de]: allow plain model parameters for scale definition, for example in the form SUSYScale = vu .
  • Bugfix [commit 44baa73]: allow model parameters in first guesses of scale definitions, for example SUSYScaleFirstGuess = Sqrt[mq2[3,3] * mu2[3,3]]
  • Bugfix [commit 77dce8b]: correct momentum guess for the calculation of the self-energies with LowPrecision.
  • Bugfix [commit fb0b906]: Fix compilation with g++ 4.5.3.
  • Support Intel C++ compiler versions 12.1 and 13.x [commits 78d73e7 and bf5a08e)
  • More descriptive error message when an exception is thrown.

FlexibleSUSY-1.0.3 [November, 21 2014]

  • Allow selection of Higgs 2-loop contributions in SLHA input file
  • Allow extra user-defined SLHA output blocks
  • Allow user-defined matrix- or vector-like SLHA input parameters
  • Support low-energy quark flavour violation via CKM matrix
  • Bugfix [commit 5f78968]: perform residual color contractions before stripping group factors. Thanks to Philip Diessner and Wojciech Kotlarski.
  • Bugfix [commit 7160095]: Correcting check for tachyons in pole masses of scalar particles, calculated with LowPrecision
  • Bugfix [commit a7a33d3]: Implement reading of data from multiple SLHA blocks with the same name. Subsequent block entries will overwrite former entries.

FlexibleSUSY-1.0.2 [July, 15 2014]

  • Bugfix [commit 689141da]: Enable non-quadratic superpotential coupling matrices.
  • Bugfix [commit d0e9cdb]: Correctly set low-energy data (read from the SLHA input file) in the low-energy constraint.
  • Bugfix [commit 6414e46]: Convert fermion masses and mixing matrices to SLHA convention in the SLHA output.
  • Install specimen SLHA input files in the model directory when one runs the createmodel script.
  • Work around fields in Cp[] carrying an invalid index that cause Part::partw when passed to ``SARAH``Vertex[]``.
  • Support Cygwin on MS Windows
  • New model file for the TMSSM (triplet Higgs model)

FlexibleSUSY-1.0.1 [June, 11 2014]

  • Bugfix [commit 4dc897e]: consts.hpp is not distributed but appears in the list of installed headers

FlexibleSUSY-1.0.0 [June, 10 2014]

  • Bugfix [commit 399a1c8]: renaming SoftsusyMSSM and SoftsusyNMSSM model classes and files to make make all-test work on HFS (fixes #2).
  • Bugfix [commit cfc2562]: correcting MS-bar to DR-bar conversion of fermion masses mb and mtau.
  • Bugfix [commit ceecc4a]: fixing compilation error with Intel icpc 14.0, Build 20130728 (and GNU STL 4.6.4 and 4.8.1).
  • Bugfix [commit db60205]: fixing linking error of test/test_MSSM_NMSSM_linking.x in case LoopTools is used.
  • Bugfix [commit 32c3222]: generalizing color summation routine to handle single-generation fields and non-fundamental representations.
  • Bugfix [commit 3fd2699]: Correcting the determination of the number of EWSB eqs. in case of CP violating models.
  • Bugfix [commit c9cc34f]: Reset fermion phases when clear() is called.
  • Bugfix [commit faa0fb6]: adding boost include directory to CPPFLAGS in the src module.
  • Bugfix [commit ac8e38e]: impose EWSB before calculating the spectrum.
  • Set minimum required SARAH version to 4.0.4, because it implements the full two-loop VEV beta functions from arXiv:1310.7629 .
  • Add stand-alone examples to illustrate how to use FlexibleSUSY's classes and libraries independently of FlexibleSUSY's build system.
  • Add tower example to illustrate how to glue multiple models to form a stack of effective field theories.
  • Add customized-betas example to illustrate how to replace an auto-generated C++ component by something of an alternative origin.
  • Implement leading two-loop MSSM and NMSSM tadpoles from Slavich (used in the EWSB conditions).
  • Implement leading two-loop MSSM and NMSSM CP-even and CP-odd Higgs self-energy contributions from Slavich.
  • Allow to constrain the boundary condition scale via the model file variables {Low,SUSY,High}ScaleMinimum and {Low,SUSY,High}ScaleMaximum.
  • Allow explicite setting (and disabling) of the Yukawa couplings in the constraints.
  • Enable/disable multi-threading at the configure level
  • lower required g++ version to 4.4.7
  • Enable source code export without the meta code via make install-src.
  • Add FFLite module as a thread-safe alternative to LoopTools
  • Create helper function to find the LSP.
  • Allow to select beta-function loop order in the SLHA input file.
  • Allow disable/enable threshold corrections in the SLHA input file.
  • Rename pole mass calculation precision option and set them in the model file.

FlexibleSUSY-0.5.3 [January, 21 2014]

  • Bugfix [commit 44903c]: correcting malformed print out in config/ in case model files do not exist
  • Bugfix [commit 3aae11]: Prevent hard-coding of the running Weinberg angle in terms of the gauge couplings
  • Bugfix [commit ce4a73]: Generalize calculation of gauge couplings at the low-scale (fixes #1)
  • Vertices are saved in a file to avoid repeating same calculation.

FlexibleSUSY-0.5.2 [January 14, 2014]

  • Bugfix [commit 58f8f9]: Convert beta functions which are identical zero to the data type of the corresponding parameter.
  • Bugfix [commit e5f937]: Correcting check of SARAH patch level against minimum required patch level.
  • Bugfix [commit e2d43b]: Adapting free phases of fermion fields if mass is less than zero.
  • Bugfix [commit e777e1]: Converting indices to C convention in tree-level EWSB equations.
  • Set minimum required SARAH version to 4.0.3, because it includes a bug fix in the index structure of the charged Higgs self-energies.
  • Allow setting of single matrix/ vector elements in the constraints.
  • Model files are now in the directory model_files/ (instead of templates/)
  • The command line arguments of the createmodel script changed. Please see ./createmodel --help for more details.
  • Add support for the LHInput[p] command in constraints, which reads the parameter p from the SLHA input file.
  • Constrain time used to simplify the beta functions (default: 120 seconds per beta function). To change the time constraint, set ``FlexibleSUSY``FSSimplifyBetaFunctionsTimeConstraint``.
  • Avoid swapping by distributing the calculation of the two-scale beta functions among multiple .cpp files.
  • Introduce separate meta code stamp (triggers running of the meta code) with name models/<model-name>/00_DELETE_ME_TO_RERUN_METACODE

FlexibleSUSY-0.5.1 [November 23, 2013]

  • Handle parameters of type vector in the beta functions.

FlexibleSUSY-0.5 [November 18, 2013]

  • Store particle masses as Eigen::Array and mixing matrices as Eigen::Matrix.