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A simple demo of how you might programmatically push a pattern to your Flickerstrip.
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Binary Clock for Flickerstrip

Original implementation by @julianh2o.

To use

  • Install requests using pip install requests
  • Change the flickerstripIp variable to reflect your Flickerstrip's network address (find this in strip details)
  • Run with python or ./

Please fork this repository, duplicate the file, and upload your own personalized version of the clock!

Code Bounty

The first person who submits a pull request with a new file with their own clock that contains the following features will win 50% off a Flickerstrip Starter kit from the HOhmBody store!

  • Clock must perform some kind of noticable animation when a new hour rolls over. This animation should be at least 3 frames long.
  • A unique color palette, at least different from the default.
  • Activate only when you select a lightwork by a certain name (suggested name: "Clock")
  • Discover at least a single Flickerstrip automatically via SSDP
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