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Fencus Maps Plugin

A locations and maps management plugin.

Plugin Dependencies

This plugin depends on Fencus Google Maps Widgets Plugin.


This plugin allows you to:

  • Manage your locations.

  • Configure your maps.

  • Select the locations to show on a given map.

  • Show your map with its locations on the front-end of your site.

  • Find a demo here.

  • This plugin aims to be an example of the funcionality of Fencus Google Maps Widgets Plugin.

Contents of this plugin

A simple location manager

  • Uses the Location Selector FormWidget to select the position of the location on a map.
  • Uses the Address Locator FormWidget to find an address and is position on the Location Selector FormWidget.
  • Define aditional information to display on the map.
  • Select in which maps you want to display the locations.

A simple map manager

  • Uses the Map Configurator FormWidget to configure the options of a map and shows a preview of it LIVE:
  • Select map Width and Height.
  • Select the initial position of the map.
  • Select the initial zoom of the map.
  • Enable/disable the scrollwheel to zoom in and out.
  • Enable/disable StreetView option.
  • Enable/disable fullscreen option.
  • Enable/disable the Map Type Selector.
  • Define the position of the Map Type Selector.
  • Define the style of the Map Type Selector.
  • Select witch Map Type to use by default.
  • Select the available Map Types to use.
  • Enable/disable the Zoom Control.
  • Define the position of the Zoom Control.
  • Select which locations to display on the map.

A map component

  • Uses the Map Behavior provided by the Fencus Google Maps Widgets Plugin to render a Map with its Locations.


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