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A Minecraft mod that creates a moon dimension
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This mod was made by Danny Comer using the MCreator engine. 

To install, make sure Minecraft is already on the computer, then download and install Minecraft Forge for version 1.12.2 ( Then, navigate to the Minecraft folder on your computer, and place the MoonMod.jar file into the "mods" folder. If there is no folder titled mods, then create one. Lastly, launch Minecraft in Forge 1.12.2 from the Minecraft Launcher.

To enter the moon dimension, create a hollow frame of iron blocks 5 tall and 4 width. Then, use the "Igniter" object to right click on it. This should create a portal, simply walk through.

To negate the temperature issues (slowness at night and combustion in the day) equip a golden chest plate.
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