Command Line Interface for creating and developing widgets on the Fliplet platform.
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Fliplet CLI

Command line utility for creating and running components, themes and menus to be used on the Fliplet platform.


Extensive documentation is available at


With node.js and npm:

npm install fliplet-cli -g

You can now use the command fliplet from the command line. Just type fliplet to see the available options and their example usage.

Please refer to our documentation for all details about creating components, themes and menus on Fliplet via the fliplet-cli.

Publish to npm

Creata a release tag from master. Eg: v3.7.5


You can view Fliplet documentation at or also get a copy of such website running locally on your machine. To do so, navigate to the docs directory, install the ruby dependencies described below and run the Jekyll server:

cd docs

Install depencencies:

gem install bundler
bundle install

Run Jekyll locally:

bundle exec jekyll serve

Then the website should be up and running at

Update Algolia search index

The index gets updated automatically from CircleCI when you commit new code. However, if you wish to update it manually you can run this command from the docs folder:

ALGOLIA_API_KEY=<API_KEY> bundle exec jekyll algolia