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@@ -15,14 +15,14 @@ Are you rather looking for our **RESTful APIs** for complex backend integrations
These JS APIs falls into the most common category and almost all apps, components and themes use at least one of them. All apps include `fliplet-core` by default, and any other can easily be included on your app screens via Fliplet Studio.

- [Fliplet Audio](API/ (`fliplet-audio`)
- [Fliplet Audio Player](API/ (`fliplet-audio-player`) (Beta)
- [Fliplet Audio Player](API/ (`fliplet-audio-player`)
- [Fliplet Barcode](API/ (`fliplet-barcode`)
- [Fliplet Communicate](API/ (`fliplet-communicate`)
- [Fliplet Content](API/ (`fliplet-content`)
- [Fliplet Core](API/ (`fliplet-core`)
- [Fliplet CSV](API/ (`fliplet-csv`)
- [Fliplet Data Sources](API/ (`fliplet-datasources`)
- [Fliplet Database](API/ (`fliplet-database`) (Beta)
- [Fliplet Database](API/ (`fliplet-database`)
- [Fliplet Media](API/ (`fliplet-media`)
- [Fliplet Notifications](API/ (`fliplet-notifications`)
- [Fliplet OAuth2](API/ (`fliplet-oauth2`) (Beta)

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