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Blue is a simple JSP-like, streamed template engine for NodeJS.



git clone


npm is a package manager for node

npm install blue



The major interest of Blue resides in its streamed nature. When working with templates, you are very likely to include templates from templates which were included from other templates. The Blue engine doesn't wait for an included file to be read, compiled and processed. It just buffers the results of the current template until it can be sent.


blue exports a Template class which you'll need to instanciate

var Template = require('blue').Template;
var template = new Template('mytemplate.tpl', {dummy:'dummy'})
template.on('data', function(data) {

the Template class follow more or less the Readable Stream interface (I plan on fully implementing it very soon).


  • data([object]) : Getter/Setter on the data that will be passed to the template
  • sandbox(object) : Sets the template to be sandboxed when run. See Script
  • sandbox(false) : Unsets the sandbox behavior if set previously
  • run() : Runs the template


  • 'data' : function(data) emitted when a new chunk of data is available
  • 'end' : function() emitted when the template has been fully processed
  • 'error' : function(err) emitter when some kind of error happens, most likely to be an exception that has been caught

Template syntax

The template syntax is inspired by JSP. you can include javascript code in the middle of your file if you put <% and %> around. by default the print() and include() function are available from the template. Others may be available depending on the sandboxing behaviour. print(data) will write data out and include('filename') will process filename as a template and insert the result where the call was made. filename can be a relative or absolute path.

  • <%= {expression} %> is a shortcut for print({expression}).
  • <%@ 'filename' %> is a shortcut for include(filename). Note that if it is constant, quotes must be used.
    <title> <%= data.title /* accessing passed in data */ %> </title>
      <% for(var i = 0 ; i<5 ; ++i) { %>
          <li> <%= i %> </li>
      <% } %>
    <%@ 'paragraph.tpl' %>