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Node bindings for the libspotify C library
_/!\ Early development version, don't use just yet /!\_
+Main objectives
+As there are already a number of spotify bindings or modules for the REST API, the main goal
+of this module is not to give access to the artist and tracks catalog. It's main purpose is
+to allow for playback of the tracks. The idea is to expose a `Player` object in which the user
+can load tracks, play them, and get decompressed audio data from it (as provided by the libspotify C library).
+What the user can do with the audio stream is up to him/her. As it is raw PCM data, it is easy to pipe to
+some kind of encoder (like gstreamer) in order to broadcast music or stream it to a web user (as long as it complies
+with the Spotify terms of service ;).
+The user can also choose to play the song locally with a node module like [node-portaudio](
+or pipe the audio data to another process like [play](
+The main goal is now achieved. Audio data is exposed as the Player object which behaves like a readable stream

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