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+# Synopsis
+This module is basically a class that provides basics mechanisms for
+parsing strings. It works with my [tokenizer](
+although it can be used pretty much with anything emitting tokens the same
+The parser work with a queue of functions. For each token the next function
+in the queue is called.
+# write you own parser
+### tokenizer
+Only one thing is required for the parser to work. This thing is a tokenizer
+these concepts are very different and that is why they are implemented
+separately. The easiest solution is to use my [tokenizer](
+## parser
+The default behaviour upon receiving a new token is ignoring it. It prints
+a warning when reaching EOF with the number of tokens that have been ignored.
+However this is probably not what you want to do!
+In order to parse what you need to parse you have to provide the parser
+with the functions which will be called for each token. Let's call these
+function handlers.
+This can be achieved through configuration of the basic parser or
+through inheritance.
+ var Parser = require('parser');
+ var util = require('util');
+ var MyTokenizer = require('./MyTokenizer');
+ function MyParser() {
+ // MyTokenizer is the tokenizer we configured
+ // but it's not the subject of this module
+ Parser.apply(this, new MyTokenizer());
+ // override the default behaviour
+ this.defaultHandler(this.default);
+ // specify the function that will be called on the first token
+ this.initialHander(this.initial);
+ }
+ util.inherits(MyParser, Parser);
+ /**
+ * Of course you will have to define these function somewhere
+ */
+this is very theorical but you can have a look at what is in the example
+## Handlers
+Handlers are just javascript functions accepting the following arguments
+* `token` the actual token which emitted by the tokenizer
+* `type` the type of this token (i.e. `'number'`, `'whitespace'`, `'word'`)
+* `next` a function to specify what needs to be called on the next token(s)
+returning `true` from a handler causes the same token to be reemitted
+to the next handler.
+# project
+## TODOs
+* more robustness / better error handling
+* features requests
+* Support for asynchronous handlers
+## Features requests / bugs
+If you'd like the parser to do something that it doesn't do or want to report
+a bug please use the github issue tracker on [github](
+## fork / patches / pull requests
+You are very welcome to send patches or pull requests

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