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mention default factories un readme

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@@ -58,11 +58,25 @@ Handlers are just javascript functions accepting the following arguments
returning `true` from a handler causes the same token to be reemitted
to the next handler.
+### Handlers utilities
+there are a few handlers factories provided by this module.
+* `checkType(type)` returns a handler that only checks the type of the
+token without doing anything so the same token is pass down to the next
+* `expect(type)` returns a handler that checks for the specified type
+and consumes the token
+* `list(separator, element, end)` returns a handler expanding to the
+handlers needed to parse a list of elements able to be parsed by `element`
+and separated by tokens of type `separator`. The list should end by a
+token of type `end`
# project
## TODOs
* more robustness / better error handling
* features requests
* Support for asynchronous handlers
+* allow for complex separator an ending tokens for handler utilities
## Features requests / bugs
If you'd like the parser to do something that it doesn't do or want to report
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