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Add a little more doc on what next() and expandable handlers are

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@@ -58,9 +58,18 @@ Handlers are just javascript functions accepting the following arguments:
* `type` the type of this token (i.e. `'number'`, `'whitespace'`, `'word'`)
* `next` a function to specify what needs to be called on the next token(s)
+the `next` function takes a random number of handlers which will be pushed
+in front of the handlers queue (they will be _next_!).
returning `true` from a handler causes the same token to be reemitted
to the next handler.
+This allows you to define handlers doing some kind of "sniffing" if you find
+yourself in a state in which you cannot determine what will come next.
+This kind of handlers _expand_ themselves to a greater number of handlers that
+will effectively parse the following tokens. They do that by adding a few handlers
+to the queue with `next` and returning `true` to notify the parser that the token
+should be reemitted.
### Handlers utilities
there are a few handlers factories provided by this module.

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