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Add explanation about matching stings

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commit eea34f83bbe8580d2284d1faa7c466f352509a74 1 parent 76f2a70
@Floby authored
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5 examples/simple.js
@@ -6,7 +6,10 @@ var t = new Tokenizer(function(token, match) {
t.addRule(/^"[^"]*"$/, 'citation');
-t.addRule(/^"[^"]*$/, 'maybe citation')
+t.addRule(/^"[^"]*$/, 'maybe citation');
+// the 'maybe citation' rule is here to continue matching until
+// the closing quote is found
t.addRule(/^salut$/i, 'salut');
t.addRule(/^[',;.:!?-]$/, 'ponctuation');
t.addRule(/^\w+$/, "word");
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