Remote pair programming plugin for Atom.
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Floobits for Atom

Remote pair programming across editors.

Development status: Beta

Floobits Status

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#floobits on Freenode

Floobits adds support for real-time collaborative editing to text editors and IDEs. In addition to Atom, Floobits also supports Sublime Text, Emacs, Vim, and IntelliJ.

This plugin also allows collaborators to video chat using WebRTC and to share terminals via the term3 plugin without leaving Atom.

For a demo of this plugin in action, see this video of ggreer and btipling pairing on ag.

Documentation is on the Floobits website.

Video chat in Atom

Joining a Floobits workspace in Atom

Collaboratively edit

Editing together in Atom

Share terminals

Sharing terminals in Atom


On first usage, the plugin will guide you through the setup process. If you don't already have a Floobits account, it will help you create one for free.


If you have trouble setting up or using this plugin, please contact us.