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This is the source code for the Floorp browser product line. Licensed under the Mozilla Public License 2.0, unless otherwise noted.

👋 Welcome to the Floorp project repository!



💫 What is the Floorp Project?

"Floorp is a browser that seeks balance between versatility, privacy and web openness."

Floorp is the most sophisticated, unlimitedly customizable and unsupervised web browser in the Firefox derivation.

For a list of contributors and the open-source software they used, please click here to check.

🔨 Projects

Projects in Development:

・ Floorp Browser - A Firefox-based browser that respects your privacy. Most of the feedback we receive from our users is immediately reflected in the site. A user-first browser.

☕ Contribute to the Floorp project!

Let's work towards building a better web. There are many ways to contribute:

・The easiest way is to try it out and make it your main browser. Download Floorp Browser here

・You can even make a donation! Help us build a healthier web world! Click here, and please let me know how to donate.

・You can also introduce it on your blog or Twitter. Help us spread the word about the browser! If you write a blog, we'll be happy to take a look!

👐 Resource

From the official site to the source code:

💿 Official Site

💻 Source Code

📘 Blog & Release notes

❓ Official Support Site & Send feedback

📄 Documentation


  1. Floorp Floorp Public template

    The most of source code of version 10 or later of Floorp Browser, the most Advanced and Fastest Firefox derivative 🦊

    4.7k 135

  2. Unified-l10n-central Unified-l10n-central Public

    Floorp's submodule for All localization

    Fluent 12 16

  3. Floorp-core Floorp-core Public

    CSS 26 20

  4. Floorp-private-components Floorp-private-components Public

    Official components code of Floorp Browser. Used for Floorp Official Build

    JavaScript 26 9


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