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A Ruby wrapper around the Extended Environments Markup Language

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== EEML-Ruby

A Ruby wrapper around the Extended Environments Markup Language

Licensed under the MIT license (See COPYING file for details)

Author: James Smith ( /




1) Enable gems from gemcutter, if you haven't already done so:
    > sudo gem install gemcutter
    > sudo gem tumble

2) Install gem
    > sudo gem install eeml-simple


The code can current create EEML at a level equivalent to the
"complete" EEML example at, and parse the
"minimal" level at

To parse EEML: call EEML::Environment#from_eeml(your_eeml_string), and you will
get back an EEML::Environment object containing a number of EEML::Data objects.

To create EEML: create an EEML::Environment object, add one or more EEML::Data
objects to it, and call EEML::Environment#to_eeml.


The file examples/simple_server.rb contains a simple WEBrick server which serves
an EEML document. This allows a site like Pachube ( to
fetch EEML data from your system.
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