The Fictionary game playable through emails
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The Fictionary game through emails

A Ruby implementation of the Fictionary Game playable through emails.

This code is written during the Mendicant University course of January 2012.



Run bundle if you use Bundler. Else you can check the dependencies of this software in the 'Gemfile.lock' file.

To configure the application see the lib/fictionary/server/email.rb file.


Require Ruby 1.9 +.

Run bin/start_server.rb.


  • game
  • picker: the person who starts a game by choosing a word
  • players: the people who invent their own definition and try to find the correct one
  • action: an action realized by the picker or the players through an email (start a game, subscribe, send a definition...)


  1. Players subscribe the next game by sending an email to [SERVER_EMAIL] with subject "subscribe to next game"
  2. Someone (the "picker") starts a game by sending an email to [SERVER_EMAIL] with subject "start a game" and in the body the word in the first line and the its official definition in on the second line (this step 2 may happens before the step 1)
  3. The Fictionary server sends by email the word to define to each person who was waiting for a game
  4. Each of the player replies to [SERVER_EMAIL] with his own invented definition
  5. Once all the players have replied, the Fictionary server sends to the players and the picker the lists of invited definitions and the official definition (in random order without telling which is the official definition)
  6. Each player replies with the definition he believes is correct
  7. The system computes the points gained by the picker and the players (see and sends the score of everyone.


Released under the MIT license.