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Gems Summary

Update 2012/07/04: Spring cleaning! I've removed the Heroku application and the RSS feed, I had no more use of it and I think no else was reading the feed.

The RubyGems feed and Twitter stream do not distinguish between new gems and updated gems, and announce each new version of a gem.

It was hard for me to follow. That's why I created Gems Summary. It generates everyday a feed post listing separately the new gems released on RubyGems and the updated gems. If a gem is updated several times during a single day, it is mentioned only once in the post.

It's a Sinatra application getting the notifications of new gem versions through a RubyGems webhook. It runs with Ruby 1.9.2.

In case you want to contribute to the application or customize it to create your own feed, here is how to install and run it locally:

  1. clone the repository
  2. run bundle install
  3. create a gems-summary-development PostgreSQL database (yes, it's hardcoded, my bad...)
  4. start the server with shotgun
  5. create data by hand or by POSTing JSON data to /version. Example with Resty: resty POST /version '{"name": "rails", "version": "3.1", :project_uri: ""}'

You can run the tests with bundle exec spec/.

Error handling is basic: every failed save operations raises an exception. In production it is catched by HopToad.


RSS feed showing each day all the gems newly released and updated on RubyGems






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