Qt4 desktop environment project - Discontinued
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To compile the desktop and its apps, you will need the following dependencies :
    * Qt Framework >= 4.7 (with libphonon-dev)
    * make, GCC/G++/ GNU Binutils (or others linkers/compilers, although they have not been tested)
	* libglib-2.0-dev and libgvfscommon0-dev are required to build the API
	* libparted-dev is required for the installer
	* libtag-dev is needed to compile Xound
	* libpackagekit-qt-dev is also neede by the package install

First, you need to compile the Nebulae API used by the applications
    cd nebulae-api
	sudo make install
To compile an application, just cd to the source folder and run


To test the desktop, we recommand you to use a Xserver emulator such as Xephyr : (install the package Xserver-xephyr)

    Xephyr :1 -ac -screen 800x600 &        # you can change the size of the virtual screen
    export DISPLAY=:1.0                    # without "&" at the end!
    xterm &                                # just for having a window
    metacity &                             # you can run another WM
    path/to/Nebulae/desktop/desktop &      # and of course the desktop!

NOTE: if you want to run another application, don't forget the little "&" at the end of the command!

To use the nebulae's themes, unpack distrib/themes/gtk2/nebulae-gtk-theme.tgz to ~/.themes 

	tar zxvf distrib/themes/gtk2/nebulae-gtk-theme.tgz
	mv nebulae-gtk-theme ~/.themes/