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A Raspberry Pi powered quadcopter autopilot with Qt ground control station
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Repository description

This git repo contains three directories, all of them are related to the same project: A home-made quadcopter running a Raspberry Pi.

  • raspberrypi-server: This software, made in C++ is a flight controller intended to be run on the R-Pi, it basically do three things:
    • it collects the values from the accelerometer and gyroscope via i2c (magnetometer and barometer may be added later)
    • it filters these values via the DMP of the accelerometer
    • it manages the motors speed via the Pololu Maestro board according to the above values
    • it communicates over wifi with one of the two clients below
  • laptop-client: This client, written in C++ with Qt is intended to be a complete "ground station" with recorded logs and real-time informations on the quadcopter. The laptop will also connect to the Android smartphone to be on the same local network as the raspberry pi.

Used pieces

(the pieces above have been commanded at the same time from HobbyKing despite their non-professionalism... I waited this pack a month and a half)

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