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Healthcheck and Reporting Script for Citrix XenServer
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Healthcheck and Reporting Script for Citrix XenServer and Xen Cloud Platform Generates a html file for easy viewing.

The script will fetch info to detect / warn you of common issues in XenServer.


  • dmesg filtering: Any "common" messages from dmesg are stripped away, the report will show you mostly uncommon messages.
  • checks filesystem usage and free space of /var against logfile bloat
  • multipathing info
  • storage layout
  • extensible at will :)


chmod 700 cfg2html-linux
./ ${HOSTNAME}.txt health-${HOSTNAME}.html

cfg2html is used for standardized info. Finally it's no longer in a locked down Yahoo! group :)

Documentation for cfg2html, along with potential updates can be found at:

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