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FMMoveTable is an UITableView subclass that provides moving rows by simply tap and hold an appropriate row without switching the table to its edit mode.


I wrote FMMoveTable for use in one of my own apps and think that it could be quite useful (and very time-saving) for others.

If you find it helpful, a Paypal donation would be very appreciated (donation [at] madeFM [dot] com).

How to use

  1. Import the QuartzCore framework.
  2. Add FMMoveTableView.(h/m) and FMMoveTableViewCell.(h/m) to your project
  3. Change you UITableView subclass to be a subclass of FMMoveTableView
  4. Change your UITableViewCell subclass to be a subclass of FMMoveTableViewCell
  5. Update your UI(Table)ViewController to conform to FMMoveTableViewDataSource and (optional) FMMoveTableViewDelegate
  6. Implement at least the delegate method moveTableView:moveRowFromIndexPath:toIndexPath: to update your model after a move
  7. Implement some additional checked in your table view data source / delegate. Check the FMMoveViewControllerfor further details



Addopts the known UITableViewDataSource and UITableViewDelegate methods to check whether a row:

  • Will move: moveTableView:willMoveRowAtIndexPath:
  • Can be moved: moveTableView:canMoveRowAtIndexPath:
  • Can move to an index path: moveTableView:targetIndexPathForMoveFromRowAtIndexPath:toProposedIndexPath:
  • Did move: moveTableView:moveRowFromIndexPath:toIndexPath:


Uses a method prepareForMove that you may need to overwrite if you use a custom subclass.

In it's basic implementation it resets the textLabel, detailTextLabel and imageView.


I can't answer any questions about how to use the code, but I'd love to read any emails telling me that you're using it, creating an app with it, or just saying thanks.

-- Florian

Twitter: @FlorianMielke