Implementation of Signed NALU & NAC for all real numbers in PyTorch.
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This is a PyTorch implementation of an extended version of the Neural Arithmetic Logic Units (NALUs) from DeepMind. The original NALUs only support operations on positive real numbers whereas this generalization with the help of the sign operation extends the concept to negative real numbers. Thus the extention is named Signed NALU or SNALU for short.

The implementation resides in the python module and PyTorch 1.0 was used.



A traditional NALU is implemented as:

Additive NAC : a = W X
Multiplicative NAC: m = exp ( W log (|X| + e) )
where W = tanh(W_hat) * sigmoid(M_hat)

Gate cell: g = sigmoid(GX)
where G is a standard trainable parameter matrix

NALU: y = g * a + (1-g) * m 
where * is the element wise product

A SNALU differs in only two ways. The Gate cell g is independent of X and thus only depends on a latent variable G. The multiplicative NAC m is multiplied by prod(sign(X)), where sign is the element wise signum function and prod multiplies all signs, yielding sm which is then used in the final SNALU.

Additive NAC : a = W X
Multiplicative NAC: m = exp ( W log (|X| + e) )
Signed multiplicative NAC: sm = prod(sign(X)) * m
where W = tanh(W_hat) * sigmoid(M_hat)

Gate cell: g = sigmoid(G)
where G is a latent variable

SNALU: y = g * a + (1-g) * sm 
where * is the element wise product


Several tests shown in the paper, the Static (non-recurrent) arithmetic tests (appendix B), are implemented.

It is first train on a range of number, then it is tested on a range of number the network never saw: interpolation & extrapolation.

The range (-100, 100) is used for the first task and [-200, -100] and [100, 200] for the second.

The following image shows the results. See the jupyter notebook train.ipynb if you want to know the full train procedure.



This repository was forked from arthurdouillard/nalu.pytorch and extended to also support multiplication with negative numbers using Signed Neural Arithmetic Logic Units (SNALUs).


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