nowjs 0.8.0 causes 404's to hang in express applications #172

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  1. Create an express application:

    $ npm install -g express
    $ express /tmp/foo && cd /tmp/foo
  2. Edit package.json to reference "now": "0.8.0".

  3. Install dependencies:

    $ npm install -d
  4. Append this to app.js:

    var everyone = require('now').initialize(app);
  5. Run the application:

    node app.js
  6. Browse to a URL such as http://localhost:3000/should-get-404

Instead of getting back the expected 404, the request will hang. If you remove the line from step 4 or use nowjs 0.7.6, the issue will disappear.


Interesting... looking into it.


This was a very critical bug. Fixed in 3691280 and version bumped to v0.8.1. npm update now to obtain working new version.

@ericz ericz closed this Jan 17, 2012
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