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Simple somegroup.count #176

andrecaribe opened this Issue Jan 26, 2012 · 5 comments

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Simple everyone.count or somegroup.count to get the number of users at the time dont exist anymore?
I need to limit the number of users in a room. Which path should I follow?

ericz commented Jan 26, 2012

Hi andrecaribe,

somegroup.count should still exist? What is the issue you are experiencing?

ericz commented Jan 26, 2012

Note that .count is now an asynchronous function


@ericz, you write here #49 (comment)

I would like to access the value in a synchronous manner. Any way, I could do what he wanted, with more work, but it was done. Thanks!


You can technically access it in a synchronous manner; it just won't be compatible with the cluster version, since there's really no way to access a group's count synchronously without blocking when users are potentially spread across multiple servers. Try Object.keys(group.users).length. Not advised.

ericz commented Jan 27, 2012

@andrecaribe steveWang's method will work if you need synchronous access but is not documented.

Good luck!

@ericz ericz closed this Jan 27, 2012
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