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nowjs stops responding #194

juzerali opened this Issue · 9 comments

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Juzer Ali Steve Wang James Keane
Juzer Ali

I created a demo chat app (link) from the code available at Everything works as expected initially. But if I leave the window open for few hours I am simply unable to send any message. There is no http or ws request being sent to the server. I get the following error in browsers javascript console. Tried different browsers, result is the same. is it that nowjs kills the connection after a specified period of time?

Uncaught TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method 'distributeMessage'

If I refresh the page or open the page in another tab things resume as normal.

This might be a possible duplicate of issue #145 but not sure.

Steve Wang

Likely a Socket.IO "feature".

We delete all remote functions when you disconnect, which is why you see the error.

My guess is that Socket.IO forces said disconnect, which doesn't trigger a reconnect.

(also, not a duplicate.)

Juzer Ali

What do you mean by 'disconnect'? Like I said, I simply leave the browser idle, I don't close the window. When does the 'disconnect' event fires?

Steve Wang

Socket.IO timeout.

Juzer Ali

Is there any way to get around it and make a long lived session. Also does any event fires on client-side on disconnect so that I can hide all UIs on disconnect?

Steve Wang

Last time I tried, Socket.IO insisted on having things its way, despite much pleading / tweaking of options. I think the closest I got was setting some settings (closeTimeout and some other ones, perhaps?) to arbitrarily high values. Generally a bad idea.

Regarding your second question: now.core.on('disconnect', cb) does what you'd expect it to.

Juzer Ali

Since nowjs is built on top of,'s limitations will limit nowjs as well. Can we free nowjs from the dependency on

Steve Wang

There was a very brief & short-lived experiment at the end of last summer, but since there was a total of 20 or so developer-hours put into said project, it didn't really go anywhere.

SockJS might be a possibility, but I'm not sure how much effort it would be to switch over.

Juzer Ali

Hmmm, does that mean that with current implementation, nowjs is not production ready?

James Keane

I have ported now.js to SockJS @

The only thing I haven't completed yet is session support.

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